For our first email this week, I can't quote you anything because the dude didn't actually include any text in his email. He sent me an email with "more theory of a deadman in formation" as the subject line. I'm going to take that to mean he wants to see photos of the band dressed up like soldiers. Well BamEp8@***.***, I'm not fueling your fetishes here. This blog is for my fetishes thank you. Now would someone please put a roofie in my bourbon?

Davide wrote:
Hi Dragonforce,
I'm Davide, I'm italian from Milano and I am 12.
I listen your music for the first time playing Guitar Hero 3.
So I bought your albums and now I'm your big fun.
Your music is very strong: everytime I hear it a big charge rises inside of me.
I love your rock music!
P.S. I'd like to receive a your photo with autographs. Is it possible? If yes I send to you my address.
Thank you.

Hey Davide, going through puberty can be a hell of an experience for a young man. You may think you're big and rising now, but things probably haven't even gotten started yet.

Matt Ray wrote:
My name is Matt Ray and i am coming to New York tommrow and was wondering if i could set up a meeting to discuss my music with you on Monday.So if you could email me back ASAP i would greatly appreciate it

First, we didn't ask to hear your music. Second, you didn't even send anything to listen to. There's an off-chance we might've been bored and given it a shot.

Third, and most importantly, you cared so little about your music that you basically threw together a slapdash email two days before you'd be in town. You can't even spell tomorrow for fuck's sake. It doesn't look like you care about your music. Why should we?

John Hedger wrote:
To whom it may concern,

I am writting to you in the hopes you can help me. My name is John, I am a fan of Nickelback. I am also an aspiring author. After seeing the music video for Savin Me a few months ago, I want to write a short story or novel using the idea behind the video. I have told small concepts to a few people and they are desparate to read it. I however will not start one paragraph without permission. The ideas I have would not disappoint. If you could put me in contact with the people who decide these things I would be happy. This is not a joke. I have several stories I want to work on but that is is center stage.

Thank you
John Hedger

John, do you know how many derivative works there are of The Bible? On television right now is a show called Kings based upon the Book of Daniel (NBC, Saturdays at 8PM, or at Now, Nickelback are great, but if you can derive a story from The Bible I think you're okay basing a story off of the "Savin' Me" video.