Email from THE cOw :
FUCK YEA!!! IOWA is the BEST fucking album I've heard this year!!! I walked into numerous music stores in my slipknot jumpsuit and "informed" people
that IOWA is out and NO ONE=SAFE...LoL I just want to commend ROADRUNNER and
SLIPKNOT for putting out a KiK ASS record. I'm goin to keep up my job as a maggot and make sure people go out there and buy the album. Well KeeP IT
-THE cOw
CM responds:
my man. thanks!

Email from Tyler J :
Check this out. On ESPN Sportscenter today, one of the
broadcasters mentioned Jim Root of Slipknot. I quote, "Jim Root,
guitarist, is to Slipknot
as Barry Bonds is to the Giants!" Way cool, there are Slipknot fans on the Sportcenter crew.
CM responds:
ha! very cool. Actually, someone here just hit us up with that, we are trying to find out which anchor cat gave the quote...and what made he/she come up with it.

Email from Frank F :
Not all of us Maggots are totally Stupid. Some of us know Geometry, and some of us know the Sacred Geometria.

The second formula for p, is not cube rooted on the equation hence making it
utter nonsense.

It should be written like this

p = cube root of (9*9 + (19*19)/22)

this stupid email program does not offer mathcad. 666 is the magic square which leads to the great slipknot formula,

God is the Father of All and of Nothing. Therefore Noone is safe.

Time for this Maggot to fly to some new shit to breed in.

Frank F
AC responds:
Trust me, you were't the only one to notice. Your derivation isn't correct either, though. The cube root of 97.401 (the value of the expression on the package) is 4.601. I noticed the error a few days ago myself and when I pointed it out to the A&R guy who deals with Slipknot, he said "I don't know, ask Clown". Fortunately, most Slipknot fans hate math, so intelligent, math-loving creatures such as oursleves are allowed to wallow in our acumen.

Email from cvhaddox :
This is the best album ever written in the history of music. My neck is sore from headbanging since yesterday. I listened to it 11 times in a row yesterday, and today i'm on 6th listen. Slipknot is the GREATEST band in the
CM responds:
Great email. Put a smile to my face.

Email from Disturbed433435 :
ill get down to business. after reading about what your road crews were doing for the release of slipknots new album. i went to check mtv to see if anything was happening since trl was on..... upon doing this the camera man inside flashed to the fans outside and there were in all thier glory the road crew members in thier jump suits and huge ass signs. and all that thier lil mtv bitch carson could say was "whats up with all the slipknot fans." i just
thought what u guys did to promote the release date of iowa was bad ass. keep up the good work
CM responds:
cool as f*ck that you wrote this.
thanks for the line.

Email from Josh S :
I was just going to give my opinion on the new slipknot album Iowa, all I need to say is, what is with all those blast beats, if i am not mistaken from what corey said and what all the fucked up critics say it was suppose
to be harder than the first one, using all those blast beats doesnt make it harder. but on the a better note the album is good and i am still a number one fan. but tell corey to go fuck himself and i hope the clown kicks his
ass at the next show. or you know what tell corey i will fight him myself, thats if he wants to I think it would make a good stage show for one of there concerts.
DK responds:
Once again, mankind's quest for Heavyness creates strife amongst the people.

Hey, this website will kick yo mama's ass.

Email from Jeremy :
dear all the people at roadrunner records that do the touring schedules and such, i am a 15 year old male from michigan and i have been obsessed with Slipknot for acouple of years now and have been probally one of the truest maggots ever and i have only gotten to see them once on Tattoo The Earth and i was going to ozzfest but family trouble came around and i could't go AND I MISSED SLIPKNOT, i waited over a year to see them again and then got screwed and now with the up coming tour with (system of a down, rammstein, mudvayne, and american head charge) ALL BANDS I LIKE ALOT, ARENT COMING TO DETROIT MICHIGAN, i want to know why the hell the tour isnt coming here, not only are you fucking over HUGE fans like myself, your screwing yourself and the bands becaue they could easiely pack say the Palace in Aurburn Hills... i love roadrunner records (dont get me wrong) and all the bands signed with them, but im soooo incredibly pissed off that slipknot isnt coming here ... i guess you people dont have an idea on how many true fans live here and how much money your g!
reedy ass's could make on tickets, shirts and shit at the concert.

if you read this e-mail ... i would more than appreciate a tour date comign to detroit michigan. thanks.
CM responds:
My man, There will be a date in Detroit rock city, but we haven't received confirmation on it yet.

A message to you from our tour dept: "the masked maggots of metal will be making an appearance in Detroit Rock City sooner than later."

keep checking our site for new dates, as soon as confirmation is rec'd, we will post it.

Email from RM420 :
Stop bringing up Scott Stapp (you know, that guy from Creed). I'm not alone, must I get a petition?
CM responds:
dude, we haven't used that line in months! Actually, been thinking about bringing the 'Scott Stapp (that guy from Creed)' line back. See, some people have actually been asking where it has gone, and want to see it back.
This is actually the first email we've rec'd wanting it gone! Bring on that petition...