Email from Jo :
Hi Roadrunner,

I am Jo from Belgium
A band called Tatcher
I call it a nu-metal band
They're from Belgium too
I wanted to surprise them
Their site is
You can download some mp3's if you want
The band has one demo: uncommon valour

Ill Niño was super!!
I was surprised by the sound, very hard and quite melodic.

Let me know if you like, please.

CM responds:
What is this? A demo haiku?
actually, checked out the never loaded.

Email from Mark :
If you cancel their Perth show I will be forced to stalk you. Have a nice day! =)

CM responds:
If it comes down to stalking, be warned I spend a shitload of time in dive bars.

Email from maggot_2_decay :
I have some questions about the career in music producing. I am planning to go to school for music producing but I have questions in that field and am not sure what to do and who to ask so I am e-mailing you guys.

1. Is a music producer a self contractor and needs his own studio if working with a record company?

2.How hard is it to find careers in this field?

roadrunner records kick ass great work
AC responds:
1. Producers are usually contracted job-by-job. Studio time is rented out at label/band expense. Some bands and producers have preferred studios, but it's usually not owned or associated officially with the producer.

2. "Real" production work is one of the hardest jobs to get in the entertainment biz. Unlike A&R it requires real talent. Just like with playing in a band, it's a good idea to start small and build your resume... and your contact list. Good luck.

Email from mauricio muñoz :
my web is:

i'am from of chile, i can't speak english very well, but i can speak something's

congratulations for you page, it's sensational and very complementy with things of music, etc...

plis, write my page in your page


mauricio muñoz

santiago of chile
CM responds:
thank you, I think. This is a Slipknot fansite to be added to our site, yes? Well, you got naked chicks there (that's a good thing), and we think it talks about Slipknot, so your site has been added.

Email from Matt M :
Hi there, I was wondering if any of your staff remembers a band from New York called Star Star? They put out a record on Roadrunner in 1992 called "The Love Drag Years"...I was wondering what ever happened to them. If you have any info, please let me know. Thanks. Matt Moss
CM responds:

Ahhh, Star Star, in my opinion one of the finest albums to ever come from its genre. I still listen to that piece today, and play it for others. You'd be surprised, there are a couple hardcore Star Star fans in the office today...and there are other people like you who email us about them.

As for what happened to them, you don't want to know. To the best of my knowledge, guitarist Jay Henning went on and formed a band with former Hanoi Rock members Michael Monroe and Sammy Yaffa around 1994. They were called Demolition 23 (I highly recommend it if you can find it). Jay has since committed suicide.

Apparently bassist Deon died of cancer, singer Johnny was hit by a truck or bus, and now lives in Greece confined to a wheelchair. As for the drummer, I think he is fine, but do not know where he is.

Again, I could be wrong on a bit of the detail, but as far as I know, that is the story. Sad, but apparently true. Not the happiest of endings, but THE LOVE DRAG YEARS will always hold a fond place in my musical collection - that will live forever.

Email from Lisa :
I would like a Roadrunner Records T-shirt. I saw one once at the Ozzfest in Atlanta, a member of your road crew was wearing it. Where can I get my own?
CM responds:
Speak of the Devil and she does appear. True story - I just had a conversation with the man who could make this happen yesterday. No shit.

As of right now, there is no place to buy Roadrunner Records t-shirts, they don't exist anymore. However, we are most likely going to have a run made for giveaways on our site.

Know that your email is being heard...and if enough people keep asking the same question, hell, you just may see Roadrunner Records t-shirst on the market one day.

thanks for the line.

Email from Holly :
yea, there's nothing wrong with creed, at least their a real band and write their own shit, better than barbie spears...... linkin park was paid to play together.....

AC responds:
Actually, the running joke came out of our first poll. We wanted to put that guy from Creed in it, but nobody in the office within shouting distance could remember his name! Rather than walk all the way into the executive corridor to ask the administrative coordinator, whose girlfriend does product management for them, we looked on the Net, found Scott Stapp and he became that guy from Creed.

Our other webmaster would ask that you refrain from making fun of Miss Spears and her boobies. Thanks! :)