Email from J.M.B. :
To whom it may concern - respectively...

I am a growing Nickelback fan.. never having heard of their previous releases, though am becomming aware of their multitude of talents. but, I go on restless of the inquerie I pose to you and yours their first video off "Silver Side Up", "How you remind me"... there is a girl, brunette, possibly a model, she's very very attractive, and at first glance she kind of strikes me as a cross between, looks wise, as Aki Ross the CGI character from that Squaresoft classic, "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" and the stunning Vulcan T'pol from the new Star Trek show, "Enterprise", as played by Jolene Blalock...
my question to you is this: "What is the name of the girl in the 'How you remind me' video?" if you can help me with this at all it would be soooo greatly appreciated..
CM responds:
she is a beauty indeed, though I have no idea who those people are you speak in your comparisons. Ya know, someone here in the office has an 8"x11" picture of her wearing a cut off Motorhead t-shirt. Very, very cool....and true.

Anyway, as for her name, it is Annie H. Now, when you have fantasies this evening, you have a name for the face. (if that was not your purpose, full apologies). Hope this helped.

Email from Cathie F :
I live in Ottawa, Canada and can't seem to find the new Nickelback release,
Silver Side Up, on cassette. I have called all of the music stores and
department stores I can think of.

Is it available on cassette or just CD. If it is available, which stores
would have it on cassette in Ottawa?
CM responds:
no cassette version made. Just cd. You are searching for something that doesn't exist.
Ya know, you are the first person ever to email us asking for a cassette version of an album...except for an Obituary fan on their Anthology release, but that we expected!

Email from Lawrence S :
Dear Sir,

We got your information from the internet. We would like to build up good business relationship with you. We can supply good quality zippers in very good price. If you are using big amount of zippers, please do contact with us. We believe we could help you to lower down your cost without sacrifice the quality. Welcome for your further inquiries. Looking forward to doing business with your esteemed firm in the near future. Thanks for your kindly attention.
CM responds:
zippers? what the hell are we going to do with zippers? We sell records for crying out loud.
Please do remove us from this list.

Email from Karen S. :

A quick 2 questions: I'm working with a terrific new artist--dial M--and I'd love to forward a demo CD to you. I wanted to make sure you were looking for new artists and, if so, how many songs are appropriate for you to get an idea of his creative, commercial and continuity potential? Also, any support
materials you'd like to see?

Thanks for getting back to me.
CM responds:
great new band? Ya know, in all the years we have been in business, only one band was signed via this method...and they tanked! (didn't leave a good taste in the mouth of A&R)

BUT, I will answer your questions:
1 - we are always looking for new artists. You can't put a hold on talent.
2 - no more than three songs, with your signature song being first.
3 - Perhaps a picture and a brief bio. Don't go too crazy, as we'd rather hear the quality in the music, not see some huge press pack glamorizing crap.

Email from Crazy Mofo :
does any of the bands have videos on mtv...... how can i find a manager my band wants to have video on mtv
CM responds:
what the hell are you trying to say?

Email from Joseph J :
I don't have a complaint or anything. I just thought ya might be interested in a weird little story I've got. I was in my 10th grade English II class when , my teacher wrote the phrase "Tubula Rasa" on the board and asked if anyone knew what it meant. I jerked my hand up so fast I thought I gave the chick behind me whiplash. Me being the hardcore Roadrunner fan I am, remembered the little definition on the News page and answere the question. My teacher was a little taken aback by that shit(I guess cuz I am goth and a metalhead that I must be stupid or something) and she asked me how I knew that. So I told her and the class about Sinch's upcoming album and the song Tubula Rasa. I just thought it was some funny shit and ya might be interested. Keep up the great work! I can't wait cuz 2002 is gonna be Roadrunners year! And can't wait for Coal Chamber's new album! I'll keep representing RR records! Later
CM responds:
very, very cool. What were the odds that phrase would come up in class? Regardless, use "tabula rasa" during your daily course of talking with people...if they don't know what it means, tell em to go back to school and study Latin like a real man.

Email from Canturandesta :
AC responds:
That's a little vague. Do you guys have a name and music or are you one of those art house acts that feels that names are an oppressive capitolist tool and on stage pour melted chocolate on one another while singing obsure french poetry and banging on wooden objects? On second thought, that sounds pretty cool! Let me work up a contract.