Email from Daniel M :
I just wanted to say Congratulations about your company and something about the Road Street...I don't think It's right to have the Road Street for Us Residents only but you should have it for every motherfucker in the whole fucking world dudes...
Anyways,I don't have a problem with that cause I am from Us though but you should think about the other motherfuckers who wants to participate in your company and meet their favourites bands.
Daniel M.
CM responds:
first off, who you calling bitch, bitch:)?
Second, I believe you mean Street Team, not Road Street. Actually, it is called the Roadcrew!
And Last, the reason that it is for US cats on this site only is because this is the US Roadrunner site. RR Roadcrews are starting to pop up all over the globe. The most recent being in the UK - On our RR UK site, there is now a Street Team (Roadcrew) section, and they only allow British residents (those damn Brits!).
What I am trying to say is that you can't efficiently run a Street Team with members in Germany whilst living in the US. Especially if you can't even speak German.
Fear not Danny, total Roadcrew domination is on the way, for one and for all...Phase II is upon us...You have been warned...resistance is futile...I will get mine...

Email from Jim C :
killer texas rock/metal/funkrock/bluesrock guitar player available.
CM responds:
And The Headlines read "killer texas rock/metal/funkrock/bluesrock guitar player available"...details at sure to watch.

Actually my good man, we do not mix and match musicians to create bands. This is what is called corporate rock. Example, 'N Sync, O-Town, and pretty much every other boy band and chick outfit out there. Ever see a bumper sticker that reads "Corporate Rock Still Sucks"? Words of wisdom Jim, words of wisdom indeed. Well, if you do see the sticker, now you know what it means.

Regardless, I will put this up on the Mailbag section of the Roadrunner site. Perhaps there is some good ole boys out there who is interested in teaming up with a self proclaimed "killer texas rock/metal/funkrock/bluesrock guitar player". Best Of Luck! Yeee Haw!

Email from D Wilson :

AC responds:
Uh... hello to you too.

Email from Jill :
Hi.. I want to see a website and/or more info on Dislocated Styles.
How do I get there???
AC responds:
Well, Jill, you could always try the obvious:

Email from Bryan C :
hey roadrunner i was wondering what kind of college
education would be good for this type of work. like
classes and stuff. i have the love for music and i am
a genius at remembering music like bands songs records,ECT...
i am talking about music production. go out and look
for bands, sign them and promote them. kind of like
what fred durst does only better. he has put out some
good bands. but i am getting tired of limp bizkit. i
want to be in the studio with them give them ideas and
just help really good people make the best music they
CM responds:
you are talking about many different jobs. Going out and looking for bands is called A&R, one of the most highly sought after jobs in the industry, hence very tough to get. There is no clear cut simple path to get an A&R position. You can ask 100 A&R cats how they got there and probably all would give you a different answer. A good place to start is managing local bands throughout your days in college. Become sort of a local music pimp in the area!As for promoting bands, that is marketing. However, there are many fields that fall under the marketing umbrella - press, radio, field marketing, web marketing...the list goes on.
As for wanting to be in the studio and giving the bands ideas, that is what I want to do too! If you figure out how to get there, let me know.
But seriously, go to the library. There are books on the music industry which will break down most all positions. Read, see what appeals to you most and go from there.