Email from Jay R :
There is a force awaiting to be heard in New Jersey, by the name of CONFRONTATION!Don't get me wrong I love so many of the metal bands around today. But don't you think it is time to hear a band that is not trying to sound like everything else?

CONFRONTATION is the band music is waiting for! They have a four song demo out now called CONFRONTATION. They are are in the studio now mixing the new album with the rumored title being "The World Minus You". They have opened up for such bands as Six Feet Under, S.O.D., and Overkill.

Check them out at
When the new album is finished you all at RoadRunner will be getting a package! ENJOY!
CM responds:
I am sorry...I could not read the rest of your email after the first line ("There is a force awaiting to be heard in New Jersey"), I was laughing too damn hard. J-E-R-S-E-Y!

just kidding...thanks for the line, can't hear what more Jersey has to offer.

Email from Adam B :
Hi my name is adam b, i live in a town called lowestoft in the east of england and i am in a band. We have just started up and me and my bandmates are incredibly commited to getting big in this sort of thing, we love the music we play and we dearly love putting on a show and creating a sometimes energetic reaction from the audiences. We don,t currently have any music on the internet and so unfortianately i cannot give you a sample of our work but i would be very grateful if you could give us as much advice as possible on surviving the long and winding road that is becoming a proffessional band. Thank you very much.
CM responds:
you want advice? Get out of this racket...
Kidding, it is a great business to be in, but it can be very, very hard. Just get your shit together, keep playing, have songs that get a reaction out of people. From what I've seen, the best way to get noticed is to build your own following in your town and surrounding areas...pack the clubs you play, consistently. If possible, put together a disc of a few of your best songs. Sell them at your shows, stores around town, a self promotion whore. Keep track of what you sell...because after all, if you can get a following and can sell cd's on your will be noticed...and if you can do it on your own, labels will salivate at the thought of how much bigger than can make you with their backing.
Best of luck...oh, and one last thing, DO NOT expect to get rich quick!

Email from WhoDidThat :
do you know what a "heretic" is? i looked it up in the dictionary and its not in there. i have to know what it means. well if you know please email me back. THANKS
SlipKnoT rules
AC responds:
Found this in Webster's online:
1 : a dissenter from established church dogma especially : a baptized member of the Roman Catholic Church who disavows a revealed truth
2 : one who dissents from an accepted belief or doctrine

Email from Garrett N :
Hey, I was wondering if you can you tell me why Slipknot decided to play "The Heretic Anthem" instead of "Left Behind" like originally announced? Either way the performance kicked ass. I just didn't know if it was Knot's desision or if NBC didn't like "Behind". Thanks. Aug. 28, 2001, Iowa is realeased or Cory said he will burn down Roadrunner
and piss on the ashes. So lets meet the date. Signed,
a loyal maggot.
CM responds:
It was Slipknot's decision to do "The Heretic Anthem" instead of "Left Behind". Reason? to set a precedent that heavy music in full on brutality can be played on national television. "666" was screamed in all its fury over 20 times, surely setting a new standard for FCC Regulations. Like it or not, this is history in the making!
Plus, "The Heretic Anthem" is a heavy, heavy song. How often do you EVER hear anything like that on National Television? Never!
Chalk one up for the boys in Iowa...
oh, and the release date will be made...

Email from Carl M :
hey, guys i sent an e-mail earlier, but i got no respond this will be my final e-mail to you guys if i'm pissing you off. so any way i am still in desperate need of a fucking band, this shit sux. i live in east orange new fuckin jersey and no one but me listens to metal. not that fucking limp bizkit shit or papa just die roach, i'm talkin PAN fuckin TERA, Slipknot, Messhuga, Lamb of God, those fucking bands rock. i would love to start my own band but unfortunatley i can't find anybody like me in hell, so what i am asking of you do is, if it's not to much trouble, to send any band you know in search of a singer my information so that hopefully we could come together and conquer the world with metal. this really means alot to me this is all i want this is all i will ever want, so i'll ask again please help me out. thanx for reading hope to hear from ya soon, P.S = People = shit:)
AC responds:
Hi man. Unfortunately, Roadrunner really can't afford to play matchmaker for bands. Most of our A&R energy is spent trying to find good bands, so we can't really spend time making bands that might be (that's for the majors to do :p).

Nobody but you listens to metal in East Orange? You've got to be fucking kidding me! You live closer to the RR office than I do. Hell, you could probably be at CBGB's in less than an hour and a half. If you really want to hook up with a band, you've got to go out there and hit the road yourself! Hang out at the local clubs and introduce yourself. Nobody ever made anything of themselves in show business who didn't go out and take the world by the throat.

Email from Brian :
You can't have a "best rock singer" poll without Mike Patton!!! Mike has the most incredible voice and has been so influential! Without him and his many bands (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, etc), Corey Taylor (whos leading in the polls) and Slipknot would not be where they are today, nor would there be a Korn, Limp Bizkit, Incubus, Disturbed, System Of A Down, the list goes on...and these bands will be the first to admit it. Mike Patton is king and he should be added to the polls immediately!
CM responds:
curses, foiled again!
To be honest with you, when reading your email I was saying to myself, 'is this kid crazy??? Of course Mike Patton is on the poll...' But the more I thought about it, you are right, he wasn't. The poll is coming down today, so there is no use in putting Mike up now, but I do agree with your views on Mike, and yes, he should be been up there.
Where was this email a week ago when the poll was initially put up!
ps - is you have any ideas for polls on our site, lay it on us...we'll put your name up there and give you credit for it. Got one for today's poll you want to see?

Email from Andreas H :
Hey Roadrunner. I've decided to let you guys in on a little
secret. First of all I'm fed up with the lame ass shit about us europeans not able to join your streetteam. Why have you set these bounderies when this team of yours works as much in "real-life" as they do on the web, couse they do dont they?
AC responds:
Hi Andreas, we appreciate your interest, but can't afford to spread ourselves too thin. The company you're talking to is the US company. We are branching the same street team system into other countries and have started street teams in the UK and Australia. We are about to start one in Germany as well. A good street team is localized because the release dates are often different in different territories, plus I'm sure you don't want to post stickers in Sweden that say "Achete la nouvelle Slipknot, qui arrive 28 Ă‚out". We don't have an office in Sweden yet, but we're getting there. Until then, we can't really let you on. Thanks for the interest, however.