Email from A Jones :
Hey guys - please forward to who ever made the desision to pay respect to KING DIAMOND. Just wanted to let y'all know how stoked I was to roll up on yer sight and see that the King had been added!!! King Diamond was my FIRST ever metal show (Abigail tour). King came out and destroyed the Abigail doll with a knive and basically just kicked serious ass! I was hooked. My life was changed ever since that night! (for the better... i think) Any plans for a new CD!?!? A tour would be heaven.. or hell depending on how you looked at it... Anyway... just wanted to show my support for THE KING! ROCK ON & KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
CM responds:
Hey, I am the cat who put up the King Diamond page...Thanks for the email...there are others here at Roadrunner who share your same enthusiasm.
Note, with this email, I am forwarding your message to various people here, including the man who brought the King to Roadrunner years ago. I am sure reading your message will be well appreciated.

As for a new album, King Diamond is now on Metal Blade. In fact, I have read and heard from the King himself that he is working on a new album. Funny that you mention the Abigail tour was the first time you ever saw him, because apparently the new album he is working on will be entitled Abigail II, and be a continuation of that legendary work from 14 years ago. Also, I'd be willing to bet he'll be putting a tour together for the effort. As I have never seen his show live, I will be looking forward to a tour as well...heaven or hell...

thanks again for the line - LONG LIVE THE KING.

Email from Matei N :
Hi! First of all, I want to compliment Roadrunner Records for putting out such a kick ass list of bands on your label!!! Roadrunner is awesome!

Second of all, what is the deal with Dry Kill Logic? About 2 months ago, I went to a Disturbed concert and recieved a demo from a band called Hinge. 1 month later, I saw an add for "Dry Kill Logic", with the same faces of the band members and the same album cover art. Then, two weeks later, I saw and
add for yet again... THE SAME album cover for a band called "Hinge AD". What is the deal with this? Which band is which? Why are there so many name-changes?

Thanks for your help!


A confused, yet die-hard Roadrunner fan!!
CM responds:
good question. We have tried to explain it the best we can on our site, but apparently we didn't...(plus, we really couldn't be as blunt as we wanted to)
Originally, they were Hinge. Then, after they signed with us, we had to trademark their name. Turns out there is some other 'music entity' by the same name, so Hinge had to change. The name was then changed to Hinge A.D.. However, turns out that was not enough of a change in the name.

Finally, due to these legal complications, the whole Hinge, Hinge whatever was thrown to the wayside for a whole new name. Enter the name Dry Kill Logic. And with that, I can confidently say there will be no more name changes! least we hope.

thanks for the line

Email from Ryan P :
I was curious to know how one might get in the field of being a record signer or "scout."
CM responds:
that's a tough question...most everyone wants to be a scout. It is one of the hardest jobs to get into, and one of the most volatile. Anyway, there is really no set path to get there. You can talk to 10 different A&R Reps (that is the professional title) and get 10 different answers on how they got to be an A&R Rep.

Looking at 3 A&R Reps here at Roadrunner, I can tell you three different stories. In a nutshell, they are as follows: 1) one cat came to Roadrunner when it was just starting here in the US, but was working in metal radio. Shortly thereafter, due to the need and his obvious talent, he moved to A&R, 2) another cat came from being a manager of a rock band...actually traveled throughout the world with them, 3) and yet another used to be a rock journalist, ya know, interviewing bands and writing articles for metal publications.

I wish I could be a bit more solid...but much like the stability of the profession, so are the details on how to get there. All I can say is, believe in yourself...and if it that belief is real, you can make anything happen. All the best.

Email from Jaime F.M. :
I need information about Slipknot, please answer me.
AC responds:
They are 9 guys who dress up in jumpsuits, wear weird masks and have numbers for names. What else do you need to know?

Email from Kristy B :
I already sent my question, but i wanted to thank the band for taking time out for their fans. not to many bands seem to do that anymore. So to all of the band and to roadrunner,and the people who do the site. THANK YOU! kristy
CM responds:
Very cool email. Your message is much appreciated. Everyone from the band all the way to those of us at Roadrunner do what we do for people like you...and for the love of music of course.

Email from Kool Zombie :
I know I'm a dumb, but what exactly is nĂ¼ metal? Sorry for being so stupid guys!
AC responds:
I don't think I've ever heard a good definition for it. Depending on who you ask, it's either rap-infused rock a la Limp Bizkit or rock that takes cues from Korn, Mudvayne, Linkin Park and Deftones. Myself, I think it's just a catch-all phrase for modern, "post-metal" metal, just like "alternative" encompassed a host of different genres, from grunge to rock. I'm sure the guys on the RR message board will give you an earfull if you asked them...and of course, no guitar solos.