Email from kg :
hey, i saw slipknot on conan o'brian a few weeks ago. that was the first time i had ever heard their music.............they FUCKING KICKED MY
- a third grade teacher (no joke!) kg
CM responds:
HA HA! 3rd grade teacher? no shit! That 's great. Glad you enjoyed the show. Drop us a line the first day you see one of your students wearing a Slipknot t-shirt.

Email from Russ M :
I would just like to let you know that i was looking through the polls...old
and new...and whenever i saw the shit about that douchebag scott from creed i laughed my ass off....woke up half of the house. Great Shit!
You guys rule!
AC responds:
Glad you liked it! That one came from the "who wants to beat up a millionnare" poll. We tossed out the obvious until we hit Creed and nobody remembered the singer's name! We got it off their website, and figured that since we didn't know who the fuck Scott Stapp was, nobody else would either, so "Scott Stapp that guy from Creed" was born. The only flak we've ever gotten about it were some morons who didn't get the joke and thought we actually liked the band.

Email from Matt V :
Hey whats going on with Deicide's In torment in hell?
you put up the release date as 25 of september or something but the music
store down the road from me is already selling it. Is there some shit you guys forgot to say or did you stuff up the dates on the site or what?

-- Bash your fucking head in with the book of his insanity --

CM responds:
nothing we forget, 09/25 is the release date.
Where do you live? What store is this? Ahhh!

So you know, stores do get the discs a couple days ahead of the release date, and are not to put it on the shelves until release date. However, sometimes a couple places slip. Perhaps this store am just a bunch of morons that don't know nothin' bout nothin'? Actually, if they are carrying Deicide, they gotta know something.

Truthfully, what you are seeing is probably a promo copy of the disc. Seeing as the commercial product has yet to ship to stores, there is no way they could have it. Listen up, check out the barcode on the cd at this store, do you see a hole punched through it? That means it is promo product, and our promos have already gone out to press, radio, marketing contacts, etc... Odds are it is just some scumbag makin' a couple extra bucks off something he/she got for free in the first place. Sucks, but it happens.

Email from Josh G :
Check out
DK responds:
Well, I did. And we will remember that you sent us a link with no music, and only a modicum of humor the next time we hear of Shattermask, if ever. Dude - fire the photography guy. If the only photo of your "frontman" is so underexposed you don't know what he looks like, you need an upgrade. Perhaps, masks? Oh..........I get it.

Email from Neil :
i know you here this all the time but your style of rocking is the best out
of all the other rock bands. id have to say strictly diesel is a much better
cd. more hardcore, stick with that stuff. i know you probably wont even read this or listen to it, but ya know... well keep up the good damn work and ill keep buying!
CM responds:
thanks my man! Tis a pleasure getting emails such as'd be surprised how many 'you suck' emails we get! HA!
anyway, it is all for cats like you that this is done.
all the best.

Email from Brett B :
i have been looking everywhere for the originat great kat release. i believe
it was released on your label. if it was, please let me know if it is still available. thank you. brett bakos
CM responds:
If you are referring to the Worship Me Or Die release, that is no longer available. It was deleted from our catalog in late 1996.

my advice is to try for it. By the way, how did you get into
The Great Kat?

Email from Brett B :
i became interested in the great kat after seeing her appearance on the morton downey jr. show years ago.
DK responds:
The Great Kat was brilliant. Thanks for reminding about MD Jr. Didn't she compare his cigarette smoking to cock sucking, and get thrown off the show? What a Show Day.

She released a CDR after she left RR. My kids played with it when they were babies. Had all the instruments in the orchestra to listen to, and famous composers who Kat would criticize unless they were Beethoven. My boys were only not allowed to visit the Kat Slave Club.

Email from Melissa T :
I will not rest in peace until I share my thought about the horror that occurred September the 11th...

That date probably marked EVERYBODY across the World.
Some are afraid, Some are devastated and can you
believe that some are having a party in the streets of
there cities!

Makes you think thosen it?

Your opinion about this message could be different,
But I still believe humanity deserves RESPECT..
I always told myself that if I was the person to be
there when someone was in need, I would run that mile
to help them. The events that NEW YORK are living is a
good example about running the mile...
Imagine the courage it take to face the hell those
people are living. Remember we are not to far!
Think about the agony they went through?

Makes you think thosen it??

I believe if we took a minute everyday to think about
all those lost souls, we could hope something
possetive would come out from this act of evilness
that stroke 8:56am.
I don't want to change the world, I just want the
world to change itself.......
I still believe that goodness lives upon us. WHY NOT ?
Because Inorace,hate,racism,prejudice,Evilness still
walks our streets. So what?
You want to be a better person, shed a tear for the
million and turn your back to those malicious.

makes you think....HEY!

writen September the 13th, at 9:37am
48hours after the the horror at live with us till the
day we DIE!!!!
Melissa............Please forward this message It
could make a difference.
DK responds:
Well,yeah. Makes you read too. Thanks for your thoughts. Wanna buy a record?