First off, a very friendly reminder telling all you night owls to tune into Carson Daly's Last Call this Wednesday night (05/15) at 1:30am to check out Coal Chamber's first ever TV performance. Show airs on the NBC TV Network. Second, later this month, the show that was recorded in Vegas during the Jagermeister tour by WWI will air the week of 5/27 on the following stations (air times are usually 10pm, Friday and Sat nights - 31st and 1st - but vary by market, of course): WJSE- NJ, WPXC- MA, WGIR- NH, WRIF: MI, KXXR- MN, KZGL AND KUPD- AZ, KTCL AND KSPN- CO, WCLG- WV, KNRK-WA, KLRQ-MO, WAZQ-OH, WIIL-WI, WLZR-WI, WAZU AND WBZX- OH, WROZ-SC, KURR-UT, KTDR-TX, WRLR-AL, WMFS-TN, KATT-OK, WQXA- PA, WKOV-OH, WRRX-FL, WRXF-MI, KANR-KS, WKQQ-KY, WXWX AND WWWX- WI, KAZR-IA, WTAO- IL, WQAK-TN, WZNE-NY, KTUX-TX, WCYY AND WCYI- ME, KFMW-IA, WQWK-PA, KMRC-LA, WYBB-SC, WJXQ-MI, KRRO-SD, KURQ-CA, KXRX-WA, KMXJ AND KZRK-TX, KNCN-TX, KJML-KS, KQRX-TX, KWHL-AK, WCPR-MS, WYYX-FL, KGEZ-MT, KKGB-LA, KILI-SD, WKHY-IN, KCSE-TX, KASS-WY, KXIX-OR, KKED-AK.