Since pulling off 2 shows early from the blessed event that was touring with Slayer, Chimaira has made their way back home to Cleveland. You remember reading previously about why Chimaira pulled off the tour early, ya? Vocalist Mark Hunter's infection? Well, word from Chimaira camp in Cleveland is that he is doing much better since returning from his stay in a San Jose hospital. "I am alive, and feeling a lot better," relays Mark. "I am still in a considerable amount of pain, but I will get over it". Mark sends another message - "Thanks". The thanks is to all of you sending the get well emails...very cool of y'all. Onward and Upward. Earlier today (12/14), launched a new message board. It's true. Check it out and drop a line. We are sure the band will be on there during their off time at home. And speaking of home, it's almost that time of year for A Chimaira Christmas. If you haven't heard about this elsewhere yet, consider this to be notice: Chimaira will be playing a Christmas show in their hometown on December 28th at The Odeon in Cleveland. Have a better idea on how to kick off your New Year's Eve weekend? Thought not... Tickets for this show can be bought online at Ticketmaster (and even if you don't buy tickets, click on that link just to check out the Budweiser truly is the King Of Beers, it's true). Enjoy. debut Roadrunner release Pass Out Of Existence in stores now