Just in time to "celebrate the birth of our great nation tomorrow", today (07/03) the final product for 3 upcoming Roadrunner releases arrived. (the above quote is verbiage from Marketing Matt) The goods that came in are is follows: Spineshank The Height Of Callousness digipak - Yes, another release in the fine tradition of Roadrunner digis, this one comes equipped with 4 previously U.S. unreleased tracks, plus enhanced with both the videos for "Synthetic" and "New Disease". Spineshank is currently on the road with the Ozzfest extravaganza. Chimaira Pass Out Of Existence - yes, the debut Chimaira release is complete, in house, and ready to destroy... The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to "FAUST" - based upon the underground, yet immensely popular comic book, this is the soundtrack to upcoming movie that is Faust. A soundtrack that is basically a who's who of Roadrunner acts - past and present. In fact, listening to the disc right now, Deicide's "Bible Basher" is playing. Check out the FAUST news page for a full track listing. And right now Carnivore's "Sex And Violence" is playing!