Slow news day you say? Perhaps...perhaps... But nonetheless, we thought it would be cool to share with you the following... The following is a typical promo schedule for a band. This was an actual itinerary for a Roadrunner act. The following all took place last month, on a cold February day in New York City - 9:50am - Arrive at RR offices 10:00am - Interview with CMJ Weekly/Monthly at RR office 10:35am - Get video interview 11:15am - Launch Radio Network interview 11:45 - Travel uptown for other interviews 12:15 - MTV Radio Network and MTV News & Online interviews 1:15 - Lunch 2:00pm - VH1 Rock Show short video interview done at SIRIUS offices 2:30pm - SIRIUS Satellite Radio interview 3:45pm - Hard Drive interview then to the airport for a flight to Canada This concludes programming for today. We hope this has been informational, educational, and enjoyable.