Travel East of the Atlantic ocean and you will learn that Slipknot has been nominated for two NME awards, and you can vote. Details are as follows: 1. Best Rock/Metal Act - competition is Linkin Park, Andrew WK, Lost Prophets, System Of A Down. 2. Album Of The Year - competition is Charlatans, Muse, Radiohead, The Strokes. Voting ends Feb 22 at 6pm UK time. You can vote via the NME Awards microsite which is linked from In other Slipknot news, courtesy of our colleagues in Poland, we have a bit of a look into a day in the life of Slipknot on their current European tour. And it goes a little like this: dateline - February 1st, 2002 - Katowice, Poland... It was a warm day...It was hard-working day for Slipknot. After arriving at the venue and getting their masks on, the band embarked on a 15 minute ride in a black van with curtains in the window, to where an in store signing session was to take place. Getting inside was a difficult one, because the fans were everywhere - inside and outside the shop. But, the real madness began when the IOWA album started playing on the speakers, at maximum volume, and Slipknot appeared. Screams, yells, ecstatic shouting could be heard everywhere. The sound 'Slipknot' 'Slipknot', 'Slipknot' created a wall of noise. The fans went mad - they all were determined to get what they wanted - a handshake, a signed poster, a completely weird photo (which is worth mentioning, as special posters and stickers were printed just for this event). The owners of the shop tell they had ever seen so much people inside their store - about 1300 people came to see Slipknot. This is a simple reason that explains why some windows were broken. But that was just the beginning. When the band got back to the venue (Spodek Hall), four TV crews were waiting for getting them - VIVA Polska (the only music television in Poland that has a rock show), 30ton (the most popular chart show on polish TV), Rower Blazeja (very popular program for youngsters), and TV4. Into the camera and ready for filmed interviews. It took some time to complete. No rest for the wicked. Afterwards, Paul got involved in a one-hour webchat with the biggest internet portal in Poland (, Corey had a round table press conference for 10 journalists from all different types of media (radio stations, metal mags, newspapers), while Joey and Clown had their solo interviews for the biggest Polish alternative radio station, the best metal magazine (Metal Hammer), the most entertaining internet portal (, and one of the hugest rock magazines (Tylko Rock). Then, after all the hard media work, the band was ready to start the real show. Just before getting into action, two more interviews were filmed & conducted (for the national news program Teleexpress, and for local TV). Finally Slipknot on stage. There¹s only one way to describe it - complete madness, complete obsession, complete power. It was not an excellent performance, it was outstanding - perfect combination of guitar terror, crushing drums, and ideal contact between the band and the crowd. A show which you won¹t find another similar to it. After almost a two hour massacre, people were finished and Slipknot left them behind to let them dream about what they had just witnessed and experienced. But it was not the end of work for the guys. Best fans and competition winners were allowed to meet and greet with Slipknot. It was the one and only chance for them to watch Slipknot without their masks, to talk to them, and to get some photos, autographs and prizes. To sum it up in a few words, it was a weird, crazy night - an unforgettable night. The real Heretic Anthem, because Poles know exactly how to enjoy rock music and what it means to be a real metaller. Polish fans would like to thank Slipknot for coming to Poland, Roberto and the crew for paying attention and keeping an eye on the details and send special 'thank you' and greetings to Mandy Salem from Roadrunner because without her help and hard work, even a half of the things that took place wouldn't have happened. Thank you all and see you again.