The following is an account from the now delirious memory of Andy Suggs (Road Crew member extraordinaire), in regards to the events surrounding the release day of Slipknot's IOWA: All the Road Crew members started meeting up today (08/28), early today, here at the Roadrunner office in NYC. Cats started rolling in around 1:00am, with the full herd in tact come 3:00am. At such point in time, they blasted the new Slipknot here in the office whilst making signs to spread the word of IOWA. For energy, Road Crew members of age did body shots of tequila off Ro, while those under age sipped hot cocoa with tiny, tiny marshmallows...mmmm mmmm! (of course, the last line is all lies) The crew started heading out around 5:00am towards their first destination - The Today Show at Rockefeller Center. Causing mayhem along the way, they hit the subway, most notably being a Road Crew member's mom cursing out a subway attendant for not opening the doors to let her son through (this cat had a Slipknot sandwich board on Christ's sake, c'mon now!). 5:30am, they arrived at the scene of The Today Show, a bit early for a show that doesn't start rolling until 7:00am...but hell, some things they just don't teach you in school. About 20 cats made the trip in total. They immediately started covering the area in posters whilst getting yelled at by security...something about a skateboard incident... When The Today Show finally got rolling, there were about 60-70 people outside for the showing, 20 being the Road Crew. As Andy tells, "we spread out all over, held up posters in the windows, and followed around the outside camera guys. We were all over the camera. Al Roker (the weatherman) finally made his way to meet the crowd. I made a sign that said 'I came all the way from IOWA for Slipknot'. We were hoping Al would come interview us, being all the way from Iowa, but he did not care." "I tried to give him a Slipknot and Nickelback cd, but he shot us down miserably..." (might I make a suggestion Andy? Next time butter him up with a few Krispy Kremes before hand) Word is the Road Crew started to get a bit rowdy, wherein they heard Al make it a point not to put these crazed cats in orange jumpsuits on camera anymore. Come 8:30am, they retired from The Today Show to McDonalds, for a special treat on thebrownguy, Ro. All split up for the rest of the day, wandering the streets to do their own madness, and met up again at 2:30pm. Come 3:00, it was up to Times Square to invade TRL. They arrive at 3:15pm. "We spread out, flash our posters, pass out goods, hit on soccer moms. There were mad tourists asking to have their pictures taken with us." At this point in time, the story fades, as Andy has been up since 7:00am the previous morning, and Mat Pileggi (one 'T', another Road Crew extraordinaire member who has stepped in to help recount the events of the day) is now in a rush to hit Taco Bell before heading out to see Chimaira and Ill Nino tonight. Speaking of which, gotta go too... Anyway, we warned ya...hopefully you checked out the above 2 shows and saw for yourself. Speaking of MTV, you can catch that 3 minute package on Slipknot which we have been talking about at the following times: tues 8/28 750pm (choice spot BK tells) wed 8/29 250am 450am 650am 850am 1250pm 250pm FINALLY! IOWA IS IN STORES NOW