Trick or treat, suckas!

It's that time of year again. Time for candy to run like water, the smell of rotten eggs in the street and the beginning of preparations to fight through the zombie apocalypse...ok, that last part may be a bit far fetched, but zombies still are a Halloween staple, so enjoy this ghoulish day. Happy Halloween!!

Halloween wouldn't be complete with some treats in the goody bag, right? Well have we got some treats for you.

Opeth's Ghost Reveries (Special Edition) and DevilDriver's The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand (Special Edition) are in stores NOW, so go grab a copy or 6 and hand them out to the kids at the door.

The equally spooky Thornography by Cradle Of Filth is also in stores and makes a great soundtrack for zombie slaying.

Finally, the masters of horror, Mercyful Fate have stepped into the digital age, issuing its albums, including the groundbreaking Melissa and its follow-up, Don't Break The Oath onto your favorite online music store!