In Orlando on Friday night (03/08), Coal Chamber made their long awaited debut back to the stage - The Jagermeister Music Tour is in full swing. This tour, originally slated as a four band tour, now hosts five acts. There will be a local act opening each show, then 40 Below Summer (the new act added to this tour), followed by Ill Nino, then Coal Chamber, and Drowning Pool ends each night. Coal Chamber and company - Godspeed. see our TOUR section for all dates and details (and now, as always, whenever we talk about this Jager sponsored tour, we offer up a Jager recipe, as taken from That being said, only read further is thou art 21 years of age or over, or thou doeth live in a country with a drinking age a bit more young. Recipe - KILLER BEE Description: A nice shot that brings the Jägers together. Yum!! (Jagermeister staff description...obviously, we wouldn't use the excessive exclamation marks!!) ½ Jägermeister ½ Berenjäger Pour half Jäger, half Beren - suck it down! If you want to pretend like you have class, you can layer it: for a Jäger finish put it on the bottom, for a honey finish, put the Berenjäger on the bottom. Description 2 : vee have tasted ze Bumble Bee, und it tastes like Scheisse...und das Scheisse ist gut (GOOD). (Roadrunner staff description)