It was a 100 degrees in the shade, as Fear Factory ripped through a blazing sound check for Road Crew members and 30 meet and greet winners from Gallery Of Sound in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Our very own Lou (better known as Malibu Lou), Roadrunner's Northeast Retail Regional, supervised the festivities on this scorching summer day. It was just this past June 28th, at Tink's in Scranton, PA. Fear Factory played later that night, and as Lou describes, "they tore the roof off the place." To further that, Lou relays that even the band was off the hook. Though we do not have photos from the actual show that night, Lou has been good enough to share some pics taken from the meet & greet during the day...Registration for Fear Factory Summer Camp 2002 coming'll see what we mean...check out Lou's collage HERE. In the meantime, KNOW that Fear Factory is still headlining their own Evolution Of Revolution Tour with Dry Kill Logic, Puya, and Primer 55. There are still 14 more dates left on the tour, including an appearance tonight (07/18) in Madison, WI. The tour will end with a string of 7 seven dates on Fear Factory's turf - 6 shows in Cali and one in Las Vegas. See Fear Factory's TOUR DATES for full details. After this US run, it looks like the band will be heading to Europe for a couple weeks...more detail to come.