"Their record dude, it's fuckin sick" - Carl, 06.18.2001 Yesterday (06/17) concluded the recording sessions for the effort titled Bitterness The Star. Yes, 36 Crazyfists has finished laying down all tracks for their debut. In fact, today (06/18) marks the return flight back to Alaska for the band. But, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves here...let's take a look back at the last day of recording - dateline - Sunday, June 17th, 2001 At approximately 4:30 pm EST on Sunday afternoon, Roadrunner's own New Media guy, Carl Severson, arrived at the studio wherein 36 CF were laying down the final vocal tracks. About an hour drive from the comforts of his pad in Jersey City (yes, New Jersey), Carl reached the destination of Red Clay Studios, the place where the final session was taking place. Once inside, Carl was greeted by 36 Crazyfist's Steve Holt (guitarist) and Brock Lindow (vocals), Scrap 60 Production's Eddie Wohl (heading the final session), and Eddie's dog Tiger (whom, coincidentally, has a penchant for biting people if he catches them shaking Eddie's hand). Steve and Brock were in full on recording mode that day. This being the last day, all loose ends had to be tied up. Carl's business on this day was to add some backing vocals to the track "One Word". Though he didn't mention, we'll bet Carl was not the least bit nervous...guys like Carl don't get nervous...it's just the way things go... "It was real recording. No punch ins. It was pure, raw, and live," Carl describes the experience. He, Brock, and Steve took turns belting out the lines to the chorus, back and forth. "I added the hardcore, metal band style to it," Carl adds. On the subject of fellow vocalist Brock Lindow's talent, Carl emphatically states "Brock's voice is fucking insane." Come 7:30 pm EST, Carl found himself driving back to the hovel of a town called Jersey City. Thrilled about the experience that was just afforded to him. So how did this come about? Carl is the frontman for the Jersey based hardcore/metal crossover act Nora ( see www.TheNoraRockMachine.com). "Oh, we're based in Jersey, fuckin' proud of it," Carl explains as his smile turns into a sneer. One of Nora's guitarists, Matt (now affectionately nicknamed 'Portland'), used to live in Portland and was friends with 36 CF's Brock. When 'Portland' moved to Jersey to join Nora, Brock & Steve bought a Nora cd. And over drinks with 36 Crazyfists one night back in the beginning of recording, they asked Carl to join them for a track. note - there is another guest appearance on the upcoming Bitterness The Star LP. Steev from Skinlab, a good friend of 36 CF, joined them in the studio a couple weekends back to do some vocals on the track "Bury Me Where I Fall". Mixing for this project is scheduled to start on July 4th. A tentative release date in October is currently being eyed.