First off, we have an announcement for ya: Nickelback will be doing Loveline on Monday (10/08). For those of you who don't know, Loveline is a nationally syndicated radio program, on about 75 stations in total. Tis hosted by Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla (you know, the cat who hosts The Man Show). Should be a good show, make sure to tune in. Speaking of 'lovelines', now it's time for more lessons From The Silver Side (note, if you have yet to read the first lesson from the Silver Side, read NOW before proceeding)... Random Fact #5 - An employee here at Roadrunner, said employee shall remain nameless, was at a strip club in Providence, RI this past weekend. (yes, we could end the story right there, but there is more...and yes, his parents are proud) Whilst enjoying the view, he heard something he never heard in a strip club before. Yep, Nickelback's "How You Remind Me". Not sure if you can get any better than that... Random Fact #6 - ...wait, we stand corrected...we have been outdone - This morning Ro received an email from one of his Road Crew members in Las Vegas, the lovely Sidney. She wrote the following (enjoy this): "My God, look what we're doing to the world... We are definitely singing a different tune here in Las Vegas. There is nothing being covered here, it's nothing but tops off to Nickelback! Last weekend I stopped in at my friend's work on a night out here in Sin City. The next thing I knew "How You Remind Me" started playing. Then out she came, Kera was dancing (stripping) to the newly released single from Silver Side Up. I told my friend, Brooke, hey that's NB, she said 'we love that song'. I let Brooke borrow my CD. I stopped in a couple nights later and it was pure "Nickelback" at the Villa. All the girls were taking their clothes off right down to the G-string. The bartender even joined them on the stage. I figured that they should keep my CD and continue playing it all night long. Now, that's Vegas, Baby!" Now that's an email too...Thanks for sharing Sidney. My God, look what we're doing to the world indeed... Nickelback on tour, see TOUR section for full details. Silver Side Up in stores now