In what is starting to become a regular feature here on the site, we present to you "LESSONS FROM THE SILVER SIDE - pt III", a look at what is going on with Nickelback and their latest release Silver Side Up. First off, we must relay the following (actually some FIRST TIME NEWS IN ROADRUNNER HISTORY): Nickelback will be perfoming LIVE on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno come Monday (10/08). And to finish off the week, come Friday (10/12) they will be playing live on the Late, Late Show will Craig Kilborn. Ahh sham...who knew? Now you do...check it out. onto the facts: Random Fact #7 - again, not to get corporate on your ass, but Nickelback's single "How You Remind Me" is officially the #1 song being played on the Active, Modern, and Mainstream radio formats. In fact, word is that come week's end, it will officially break the all time mark for most spins in a week on the Modern Rock charts ever (there is a contest in here somewhere...). What next? Top 40 radio? Speak of the devil and he will appear... Random Fact #8 - in the November 2001 issue of Guitar World, you will find the transcription to the track "How You Remind Me". Random Fact #9 - not as juicy as reporting that "How You Remind Me" is being played in strip clubs, but something indeed...the cat whom hosts tells that he actually heard his younger sister singing along to "How You Remind Me" on the radio at home. Now fess up, how many others of you out there can say the same??? It's a small, small world out there...and it's only going to get smaller... My God, look what we're doing to the world... Nickelback on tour, see TOUR section for full details. Silver Side Up in stores now