For those of you who do not know how to read Roman Numerals, go back to school and study the Rise of the Roman Empire like a real man...actually, "IX" equates 9 in our numeric system. Yes, Part 9! Who would have thought we'd have had enough juice to keep this series going for so long? To be honest with you now, we don't see this series stopping anytime soon. So once again, it is time for this week's "LESSON FROM THE SILVER SIDE", a look at what is going on with Nickelback and their latest release Silver Side Up... First off, where to see Nickelback. The band is still making their way through the Mid West, presuming you consider Oklahoma the Mid West. They have now played 12 dates on their current US tour, and the bill is now complete and running on full cylinders - Nickelback closing the night after sets by Saliva and Default. See TOUR section for full details. Don't forget to donate $$ at the shows for the IAFF - New York Firemen's Fund. Where else to see NB...Our resident internet marketing nerd (and we mean that in the nicest possible way) here informs us that is doing a feature on Nickelback. In fact, word is this is the biggest feature type they run for new artists, and that this feature is tagged when the video is played on VH1 proper (meaning on the tube). Word is also that "How You Remind Me" is officially the #1 played video on VH1. You can check out the online feature HERE. And on Monday, the 2nd ½ of the video for "Too Bad" will be shot (the portion not requiring the band). And speaking of "Too Bad", expect to start hearing that on the radio come late November. now that you've been properly briefed, onto the facts (and we have some good ones for ya this week). And as always, all are true. The facts we present to you this week are as follows: Random Fact #28 - and the first random fact shall always, radio play. Still going strong - "How You Remind Me" is still the #1 played song on Mainstream, Modern, and Active Rock formats for now the 11th, 10th, and 7th weeks in a row, respectively. Heritage rock format still stands strong at #2 (suppose Boston is even stronger...actually it isn't Boston at #1, but can you guess who is?). AND, it is #6 on Top 40 radio...did we just say that???. However, what is most amazing is the fact that this song was played 12,497 times on the radio in the US this past week, making it the #1 most played all format song in America. good lord, how much fried chicken can you eat? Random Fact #29 - and now, to the strip clubs...You might remember Sidney from such Random Facts as Random Facts #6 & #20. Well, here she is again with her latest message: I received a phone call this past weekend from a friend of mine who works at a bar here in Vegas called the Tongue and Groove. My friend, Sunny, called to inform me that when she arrived at work she noticed that they finally changed the music on the jukebox. Nickelback's "How You Remind Me" and "Leader of Men", along with several other songs of theirs, were now amongst the selections. I thought, well that sounds like material for "A Random Fact". Then last night it happened. I beat my own random fact. You know a band has made it big when??? You are at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and all of a sudden the song that is being played through out the entire hotel and casino's sound system is "How You Remind Me." Let me tell you, the place was rocking. Jane's Addiction had just played their 2nd sold out show and the place was packed with beautiful people every where. It was awesome to hear them being played at such a cool hotel. I thought to myself, Wow! Now that is a definite "Lesson from the Silver Side." PS. After that, I left the Hard Rock and we stopped at a local strip club and I am not saying what went on there. Ohhh, Sidney, "A Lesson From The Silver Side" indeed...and as for the 'PS' portion of her message, know that Roadrunner representatives are flying to Vegas immediately to conduct a full on investigation. Sidney, thanks once again for the update. Random Fact #30 - another message from 'the clubs'. This one comes to us from Adam S. Adam's lesson goes like this: just read the random fact about the strip club...reminded me of why I had bought the new record in the first place...See, I got the debut record The State waaaay back in the day when it had just came out, and I kept telling all my friends about this kick ass new band...well, I was made fun of, and they generally called me an forward to mid-October this year, I had heard "How You Remind Me', thought it was a good song, but not a song to go out and buy the record for...then I was at a strip club with one of my friends that had made fun of me for being a Nickelback of the ladies then started stripping to "Never Again" (first time I'd heard it) and I was blown away...honestly one of the best pure rock tracks that's been released in a good long while, so I promptly went out and purchased it... and by the way...tell Spineshank to hurry the fuck up and get the new CD recorded....I'm impatient as hell... Adam, thank you for the line...imagine that, strip clubs selling Nickelback. Perhaps our marketing dollars are being spent in the wrong place??? Random Fact #31 - did you know? All three band on this Silver Side Up tour (Nickelback, Saliva, and Default) have at least one thing in common. They all have the same manager. It's true. Random Fact #32 - Well, we mentioned "How You Remind Me" being played on the Top 40 radio format earlier, so we might as well go all the way...word has it this song is now being played on Casey Casem's syndicated Top 40 weekly radio show. When this was mentioned in a marketing meeting last week, one of the big cheeses who has been here for a while said with a smile "Never, ever did I think Casey Casem's name would be mentioned here." Hey, and for those of you who don't know who Casey Casem is, go back to school and study Latin like a real man. Random Fact #33 - one last random fact for you this week. Yes, it involves strip clubs. And it comes to us from a girl named Lisa in the great state of (don't mess with) Texas. Her line is as follows: Hey, I'm a little off my game right now but I wanted you to know random fact #?...I work in a strip club in Dallas and I wanted you to know that it is the top sales club in Texas (who cares). The important news is that Nickelback is on heavy rotation with "How You Remind Me", but the big news is that "Leader of Men" (from The State) is at top. With over 150 gals a night ,I heard it at least 4 times tonight...And, I was at the hockey game yesterday (D Stars)..What do they lead off w/ ?? NB of course...Just singing the gospel of NB....Love your web site.. No, suppose we didn't have to keep the last four words of her message in, but we did...Lisa, thank you for the line. We look forward to hearing more. As for all you hard ass males out there, take note - you can learn a lot from these people. And to the rest of you lovely persons working in the gentleman clubs, keep the messages coming in (we shall never tire of hearing these)...and of course all messages from everyone's travels in the real world (yes, we do have some 'non-club' stories lined up for next week's lesson). Everything you have read is true. Until next time, the has been a Lesson From The Silver Side... new release Silver Side Up in stores now