And now we return to what appears to be a regular news feature here on the site - "LESSONS FROM THE SILVER SIDE - pt V", a look at what is going on with Nickelback and their latest release Silver Side Up. First, where to catch Nickelback. We can start off by saying "not in the US"...atleast for the time being anyway...unless of course you have access to the internet. Which, if you are reading this obviously you do. As this is being written (10/15 at 4:20pm EST) Nickelback is currently on a plane heading to Australia. They will be playing two shows there this week (10/17 in Sydney and 10/19 in Melbourne). You can catch the 10/17 show in Sydney on the net at Not sure of the exact date and time this will be aired, as we were told 2 different accounts. We'll let you know as soon as we know the exact details... Nickelback will be back in the US come October 22nd, before heading out on a headline tour which starts on 10/30. Default is the opening act, and Saliva joins the bill come 11/10. (see TOUR section for dates) And now, onto the facts (by the way, special thanks to those of you emailing us 'Nickelback' facts from your world...keep 'em coming): Random Fact #13 - Word is that starting today, Nickelback's "How You Remind Me" video is going into "Heavy Rotation" on MTV. This means it will be played 45+ times per week. Random Fact #14 - this fact was emailed to us from a cat by the name of Josh (aka MetalWarlock). His words go exactly like this - "i was driving down the road one day, in the clear lake area of houston, texas. i was on my way to school at the university out there, when i noticed something weird. there was a guy driving a pick up truck. what was so interesting about this pick-up truck, was the fact that the license plate read "NKL BCK" on it, not to mention the truck had what looked to be a nickelback sticker. ironically enough, the guy was blasting "leader of men" (from their debut The State) on his stereo. it gave me a good laugh of how ironic this was. - josh" Ironic in-frickin-deed. Thanks for the line Josh. Random Fact #15 - Word is there are really "only 2 legit, real, reliable tracking sources" which monitor radio airplay across the country, those sources being BDS and R&R. Well, according to BDS, "How You Remind Me" is the #9 most played song in the country. R&R reports it as being #11. AND, R&R's "exclusive survey of 400 females 12-34" ranks "How You Remind Me" as #1 on their favorability scale. And no, we did not just make that up... So, What does all that mean? Much like tattoos & scars, chicks dig it! a note to the males out there: get your ass to a Nickelback show, if ya know what we mean... Random Fact #16 - yes, this is pretty corporate, but it is some heavy duty shit worth throwing out - "How You Remind Me" is the #1 played song on the Mainstream Rock format (7th week in a row), Modern Rock format (6th week in a row), Active Rock format (3rd week in a row), and the Heritage Rock format (1st week). Yes, Heritage Rock...along the likes of Eric Clapton, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, and even Boston (if they had anything current out). Until next time, the has been a Lesson From The Silver Side... new release Silver Side Up in stores now