Yes, it is time once again to hit you up with "LESSONS FROM THE SILVER SIDE - pt VI", a look at what is going on with Nickelback and their latest release Silver Side Up...and we have some goods for you... First off, as always, where to see Nickelback. The band touched ground back home yesterday (10/22) after their trek in Australia. How did things go? The head cheese for Roadrunner Australia told their tour of Melbourne/Sydney was sold out. He summed up the experience with one word - INSANITY. "Easily the best week I've ever had working for Roadrunner Records," he concluded. Well, now is time for you cats in the US to get in on the insanity, as Nickelback start their headline tour of the US come 10/30 in Seattle. Default plays the opening slot on the bill, with Saliva joining the tour for direct support come 11/10 in Milwaukee. Check out this very special page which Carl created to commemorate this upcoming tour - You will make Carl very, very happy... Hey, and for you cats in NYC, Nickelback will be coming to town...for the first time since they played their one and only gig in NYC on April 5, 2000. Tickets for the NYC show at Hammerstein Ballroom on 11/30 go on sale this Friday (10/26) - you have been warned... and now, onto the facts. As always, these are true stories. The facts we present to you are as follows: Random Fact #13 - remember us saying a few weeks back that the single "How You Remind Me" broke the total spins record for a 7 day period on the Modern Rock radio format? Well, turns out Nickelback is now breaking their own record. In fact, they have now broken the record for most spins in a 7 day period at this format for the 3rd consecutive week in a row. Shim Sham...Shim Sham indeed... Random Fact #14 - this fact blew some minds in the office here today. We have a cat whom just did the website for one of Roadrunner's heaviest acts, Chimaira. A cat whom is into the heavy goods. Well, upon calling him earlier this afternoon, a song could be heard blasting in the background. What was it? None other than Nickelback's "How You Remind Me". My world broke down for a quick moment as I tried to digest this. I calmly asked him what he usually listened to. He replied "not usually this, I listen to heavier stuff." Things were right again. Apparently in Scotland, where this cat is from, Kerrang! TV plays the track almost 'every 5 minutes', and he just got hooked on it. Oh, and word is that Kerrang! TV is also all over Slipknot's all about the company you keep...apparently this track really is undeniable. It will be interesting to find out how deep this really many of you other metalheads are rocking out to this??? Random Fact #15 - word is that "How You Remind Me" is officially VH1's newest 'Inside Track', their version of MTV's Buzz Clip...for the more discerning listener no doubt. Random Fact #16 - one last fact for ya today. This one comes to us via email from a cat named Disturbed. His words are as follows: "i keep reading stories about random nickelback stuff and i was wondering if u were aware that the lead singer chad was a song producer for a band called default. that's not really what i'm getting at, but i wanted to share with u that he makes a guest appearance in their video....he's one of the guys fighting and the 2 girls trying to break them's kind of hard to see their faces cuz it's blurry, but i watched it a few times and noticed it was him. i just thought it was odd cuz i'm hearing of them everywhere and then they pop up with default. just thought ya would want to know that" Disturbed, well fricken written...AND, we checked out this story with Nickelback's A&R Rep here and all is true...just as all of our facts... If you have a Nickelback random fact, drop us a line. Until next time, the has been a Lesson From The Silver Side... new release Silver Side Up in stores now