And now it is time for this week's "LESSON FROM THE SILVER SIDE", a look at what is going on with Nickelback and their latest release Silver Side Up... First, where to see Nickelback. The band is currently in the Mid West, after having played 7 dates on their current US headline tour. They have tonight off as they are on their way to Wassau, WI for tomorrow night's (11/09) show. Come Saturday night in Milwaukee, Saliva will be joining the bill for the rest of the tour, a bill which already features Default. AND REMEMBER, keep your eyes peeled for a shake down at the shows, as the Give A Nickel Back promotion is in full swing. At the merch table at the shows you will have the opportunity to donate whatever you can to the "The New York Firefighter 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund" (IAFF). Monies will be tallied and a check will be presented to these heroes at the Nickelback show on 11/30 at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. Where else to see Nickelback...ah, click HERE for a pic of the band with 'the man'. Well, actually Jay Leno. A picture taken backstage from their appearance on The Tonight Show back on 10/08. Also, word has it that's Music section is currently running a feature on Nickelback. That is the word of our new media cat here. Of course, nobody here has AOL, so we have no way knowing for sure! So, if you are one of the suckers using this service (and we mean that in the nicest possible way...yes we are just joking), drop by and check it out. AND, let us know how the feature is. The 'plot' portion for the video "Too Bad" is still on schedule to be shot in Vancouver next weekend. More details to come, as one of our own here will be heading north for the shoot. now that you've been properly briefed, onto the facts. And as always, all are true. The facts we present to you this week are as follows: Random Fact #22 - yes, we shall start off with bringing you the radio, we don't mean to be corporate pricks writing this, but we have been doing it all along, so might as well stay consistent. "How You Remind Me" is still the #1 played song on Mainstream, Modern, and Active Rock formats for now the 10th, 9th, and 6th weeks in a row, respectively. What happened to Heritage Rock you ask? Nickelback slipped to #2 on that format...perhaps Boston released a new single??? Random Fact #23 - nothing truly new or groundbreaking here, but it's still cool to hear stories about this. Someone who works here in the Roadrunner office, to remain nameless, was at a strip club in Springfield, MA two weeks ago and heard "How Your Remind Me". "It was weird" he tells...he also tells said strip club had $2 beers - $2 beers at a strip club??? Now that is weird! Random Fact #24 - actually, wanna talk more weird? is currently running a feature on Nickelback. Yes, Teen People. They're pushing the band to a slew of teenage girls. You can check it out by clicking the link. Hey, a word to you boys reading this - take note, if ya know what we mean... Random Fact #25 - and now a letter from one of our readers. It comes from Grant Johmann, and it goes like this: "I love the Nickelback Random Fact deal thats been goin on..i might as well throw in my own: I go to my friend's suite a lot to do homework with my friends. Now we take study breaks where we play Mike Tysons Punch Out and rock out to ONLY GnR, Blue Oyster Cult, and old Michael's been like a ritual for the past four years. Like a month ago, right after GnR's "Estranged" faded out, I hear "How You Remind Me" start blaring...I'm like WTF and my friend tells me how this is the "hottest jam" and that Nickelback is being added to our rotation." - part II to come next week... Random Fact #26 - word has it "How You Remind Me" is the #2 most played video on MTV, 35 spins this past week. My God, what is happening here???!!! Who is #1? hmmm, that sounds like a contest question... Random Fact #27 - take yourself back to Random Fact #18, and Random Fact #14 before that. Well, this Texas legend has grown long enough, and now it is time to see if this legend really does exist...for a picture of this infamous license plate, click HERE. Sherry, thank you for sending this... Can you believe that we actually do have more to write? However, we'll save some for next week... Everything you have read is true. If you have a Nickelback random fact, drop us a line. Until next time, the has been a Lesson From The Silver Side... new release Silver Side Up in stores now