Welcome to lucky week THIRTEEN of "A LESSON FROM THE SILVER SIDE", a look at what is going on with Nickelback and their latest release Silver Side Up... As always, we start off with where you can see the band. For a short while longer, you can see them in the U.S. touring with Saliva and Default. This current run has but five dates left, ending next Tuesday (12/18) in the greatest city known to man, Pittsburgh n' at. Yinz guyz lissen up, that show has already been sold out n' at. Tell all them nebby friends that ya hang out wit there ain't no more tickets n' at...Go Stillers. (hopefully one person from Pittsburgh got a laugh out of that...hey, and if you are at the show and Donnie Iris is there, PLEASE let us know) After that, it's home for the Holidays... Where else to see Nickelback...hmmm, how about Nickelback TV commercials? It's true. What started this past Monday and what will keep running until December 21st, over 21 million homes will be seeing Nickelback on their television machine. During syndicated reruns of Friends and The Simpson's (two very cool shows...and when not cool, at least Friends has hot chicks to watch), you will be able to catch a Nickelback commercial. It's true. Also, Nickelback is soon to be in SPIN magazine. SPIN, or representative(s) thereof, will be at the Atlantic City show this weekend to review the gig. Their written piece on NB will hit the streets in February, which just so happens to be the March issue. And now, the facts. This week's facts are as follows: Random Fact #47 - as always, the first fact shall be radio play. After 12 consecutive weeks at #1 on the Modern Rock chart, Nickelback has been dethroned - they are now #2. As we previously said with their runs on the Heritage and Mainstream charts, twas a great run. However, for what is now the 11th week in a row, "How You Remind Me" is still #1 on the Active Rock charts. ahhhh sham...by the way, the second single, "Too Bad", is starting to take off. More will be written on that in the weeks to come... Random Fact #48 - Sex & Rock-n-Roll, perfect together. It's true. Well, Playboy has a Sex & Rock-n-Roll lifestyle website. It's true. AND, about a month back, Nickelback was interviewed for the site. You can watch all 11 ½ minutes of the goods online at www.SexnRocknRoll.com. A lovely young lady by the name of Jessica, Miss October 1996, hosts the interview. It is pool side, and she looks great - make sure to pay attention to the cleavage shots...hell, you can even catch Jessica herself minding the cleavage. It's true. In response to the last question during the interview when Jessica asks where the band sees themselves in five years, Chad aptly replies, "(we) always have been and always will be a rock band." Respect The Rock Random Fact #49 - our sweetheart from Vegas, Sidney, previously dropped us a line about Nickelback's 1997 EP Hesher being sold on Ebay, that the bidding was up to $305.00 (for those of you who do not know, Hesher was released locally in Canada by the band themselves...only a very few copies were made). Well, Sidney's most recent line told that the bidding had gone up to $490.00. It's true. The auction for this piece has since closed. Whether or not the $490.00 will be collected, we can't say. Just a sick fact anyway. Respect The Rock Random Fact #50 - 50 is considered a milestone, ya? Well this is somewhat of one too - a fan of the real heavy goods liking the real rock goods. The following email comes to us from Steve Smith, and it goes like this: "I 'm sending this e-mail to tell you how much I have enjoyed listening to Silver Side Up. I purchase 5 to 8 CDs a month, I must say Siver Side Up is a FANTASTIC album. I am also a fan of Slipknot, Dry Kill Logic, and Type O Negative. I wish much success in bringing metal and rock to the masses." Love for the bands Slipknot, Dry Kill Logic, Type O Negative, AND Nickelback being told in the same thought - a very cool thought it is. Respect The Rock Random Fact #51 - we previously told that "How You Remind Me" spent 13 consecutive weeks at #1 on the Mainstream Rock chart. Did You Know? Those 13 weeks at #1 tied The Rolling Stone's record of 13 weeks at #1 with the track "Start Me Up". It's true. Respect The Rock Random Fact #52 - our last fact for this week comes from Kari Johnson. Well, not really a fact, but more of a note. An excerpt from Kari's email is as follows: "Thanks a million times over for the constant updates on my favorite band, Nickelback! Sometimes your news about the band is what helps me make it through the workday!!!" Kari, thank you. This week's "A LESSON FROM THE SILVER SIDE" goes out to you. Until next time, this has been a Lesson From The Silver Side... new release Silver Side Up in stores now