Welcome to this week's session of "A LESSON FROM THE SILVER SIDE", a look at what is going on with Nickelback and their latest release Silver Side Up... First, where to see the band. Including tonight's show (01/31), there are but 5 dates left on their current tour of Canada. And speaking of Canada, though mentioned previously, tis worth mentioning again - Jerry Cantrell joined Nickelback on stage for a couple shows last week (01/24 & 01/25). Together they played the Alice In Chains' classic "It Ain't Like That" both nights. yes, we wrote that they played "Rooster" live on the second night, but apparently we lied. "Rooster" was played only during sound check... Where else to see Nickelback...speaking of their live shows last week, the 01/25 show in Edmonton was filmed for inclusion on an upcoming Nickelback dvd. Though no release date has been set, current plans aim for a Summer release. Where else...tomorrow night (02/01) Nickelback will be featured on MTV's "Bangin The Charts"...which effective immediately, is apparently now called "Chart Attack". Air time is 5:00pm. yes, we wrote last week that they were also to be on last week's show (01/25), but apparently we lied. Not of purpose, of course Where else...since we are on the MTV topic, just a reminder - this upcoming Wednesday (02/06), Nickelback will be on MTV's Diary. It's true. Where else...ahhh yes, the cover of Guitar One, the March 2002 issue. You will see Chad and Ryan P. on the cover, and a feature on them inside. Inside you will also learn that Ryan P. used to spend his guitar time learning songs such as Judas Priest's "Love Bites" and Iron Maiden's "Wasted Years". ...Respect the rock... And for you guitar gods, The Beatles' "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" is transcribed. And now, the facts. This week's facts are as follows: Random Fact #81 - back to radio play. Ever beat your dad in arm wrestling? Well "Too Bad" is starting to beat its elder "How You Remind Me" on the radio. According to the Active Rock chart, "Too Bad" has surpassed its predecessor by taking the #4 spot. "HYRM" is at #9. This was the first such paths crossing of these songs...with surely more to come... random, random radio fact #1 - "How You Remind Me" holds the record for most spins in a 7 day period, overall. It's true. Random Fact #82 - when you get a present of any sort, before opening it, do you ever say "please be porn" three times fast? Well, back to the strip clubs. The following NB update comes from our sweetheart Sidney in Las Vegas. Her report is as follows: "They are still rocking hard especially since the release of "Too Bad". "Tops Off to Nickelback", going stronger then ever. So strong that it doesn't cost you $20 for a lap dance or a $1 for a little *****. Start saving your change because you won't believe what you can get for, you guessed it, a nickle. You know a band is good when you are at the ***** bar and when NB is played you look around at the crowd and everyone, patrons and dancers, are singing right along with whatever NB track is playing." Thanks Sidney. Oh, and she also tells, check out Nickelback's website, they have some new merch available... Random Fact #83 - Over and Abroad. Did You Know? Nickelback's Silver Side Up is currently a Top 10 album in AUSTRIA, BELGIUM, SWITZERLAND, SWEDEN, DENMARK, GERMANY, USA AND CANADA. It's true. Random Fact #84 - The following message comes to us from Jennifer S, and it goes like this: "I WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW ABOUT MY LITTLE ESCAPADE, IN CASE YOU NEED A LAUGH. I WENT TO BORDERS BOOK STORE TO SEE IF I COULD FIND THE NICKELBACK INTERVIEW IN PLAYBOY. WELL, IT SURE WASN'T ON THE COVER AND I WASN'T GOING TO BUY IT IF THEY WERE NOT IN IT. THE GUY THERE WAS KIND ENOUGH "TO DO THE DIRTY WORK" (HAHA) WELL THE OUTCOME: NO NICKELBACK. THEY ARE ACTUALLY FEATURED IN "SEX & ROCK N' ROLL" AFFILIATED WITH PLAYBOY" Jennifer, true, they are featured in "Sex & Rock N' Roll", but our line about Playboy last week was not one of our infamous lies. It's true. Nickelback is in the February 2002 issue of Playboy, page 160 to be exact. We never said it was an interview...just a photo (pictured on a page with Skye Ashton, Chely Right, and Nicole Kidman) and a quick line. You have to start somewhere, right? Thank you for the line...and the interest. Random Fact #85 - Nickelback's "Too Bad" video DEBUTS at #1 on the CVC Chart. What the hell is CVC? Good question. It's actually the video charts - the only such monitor out there, tracking video play from most all video shows. This IS a big deal. Congrats to all involved on the "Too Bad" video. Random Fact #86 - seeing as we already covered strip clubs, the last fact of the week shall be about another vice, hockey. We wrote last week that courtesy of New York Islanders' forward Dave Scatchard, a couple cats here at Roadtunner were going to the hockey game against the Penguins. We'll, you'll never believe this, but between periods, the Arena had some guys come out and play songs whilst the zamboni did its job...kind of like a cover band...actually, exactly like a cover band. Well, between the first and second periods, the band covered "How You Remind Me". It's true. And to boot, on the jumbotron, they had Isles' players tell their favorite band. Dave Scatchard's choice? You guessed it, Nickelback. Until next time, this has been a Lesson From The Silver Side... new release Silver Side Up in stores now