Welcome to this week's session of "A LESSON FROM THE SILVER SIDE", a look at what is going on with Nickelback and their latest release Silver Side Up... First, where to see the band. As far as live performances go, the band won't be playing out again until the 17th, when they embark on a headline tour of Canada with Default. The tour will last until February 5th. Then, it's to Europe with Nickelback. As far as non-live performances go, you can see Nickelback's latest video, for the track "Too Bad", on VH1 (they have been airing it since December 18th). On MTV2, the video premiered today (01/03) - in fact, the video is being played on the top of the hour, every hour (mind you, that is just for today only). And word has it, the video will start getting play on MTV proper starting sometime in the next couple weeks. If your timing for checking out the video is off, no worries - starting tomorrow (01/04) the video will be here on our site...you can watch it whenever you like, as many times as ya like. And now, the facts. This week's facts are as follows: Random Fact #60 - as always, the first fact shall be radio play. Nope, "How You Remind Me" is no longer #1 at any of the rock radio formats, but it is still hanging in the top 5 at all of them. Do you know where it is #1? Top 40. It's true...meaning that Casey Casem will be talking about it during his weekly Top 40 countdown. It's true...what a small world it is. As for the second single "Too Bad", it is in the top 20 on all rock formats and is looking strong. So strong that one radio cat here would be willing to venture that soon enough Nickelback will have two songs in the top 10 at the same time. Obviously a first for Roadrunner, let alone Nickelback. We'll see... Random Fact #61 - Did You Know? On MTV's New Year's Eve special earlier this week, Sum 41 performed live. Well, sometime during the last 15 minutes of the year 2001, they played a punk version of "How You Remind Me"...and it was pretty cool too. The singer actually introduced the song as "Canada's National Anthem". It's true. Hey, and for bonus points, word has it Sum 41's drummer was wearing a D2 t-shirt (that's Danger Danger to the laymen out there). Random Fact #62 - Here in our native land of Manhattan, "How You Remind Me" was the #3 song of the year on local heavyweight radio station KROCK (92.3 fm). Not bad for a group whom nobody knew about in the town just a few months back...actually, damn impressive. Random Fact #63 - Sweet Home Canada. Word has it that during NB's upcoming Canadian tour, the band will be extended a privilege - at any of the arena's they will be playing which have an ice rink, half of the ice will remain open for the band to skate around on to get their hockey on before the show. Apparently, that is true. Random Fact #64 - Speaking of hockey, how about the NHL Tonight on ESPN? Last night, during the closing moments of the show, John Buccegrass (apologies for the spelling) gave a late Christmas present to co-anchor Darren Pang (aka the Panger). What was this present? A copy of Nickelback's Silver Side Up cd. It's true. The two then proceeded with a bit more banter about the cd as the credits rolled and the show faded out... Random Fact #65 - So, your's truly went to Denver over the Holiday season. Well, I had about an hour to kill from the time I arrived at the airport until the time my ride was to arrive. What did I do? Headed straight to the bar to indulge in some of the finest Budweiser the Denver area had to offer. Upon sitting at the bar, I heard a familiar sound...it was a guitar solo. "I know this," I thought to myself. After a couple more notes, I figured it out - the song playing was Nickelback's "Too Bad". It's true. Oh, and for the record, the bar had no Budweiser, so I settled for the fine Pittsburgh brew which sponsors Heinz Field, Rolling Rock. That is also true. Random Fact #66 - Later on during my trip to Denver, me and the 3 cats I went to visit were driving in the car one night. "How You Remind Me" comes on the radio. All three of them start singing along to it...if you know these people, you would've never guessed it to be true, and one of them is even a dude! It's true. my God, what is going on??? Random Fact #67 - and the last fact of the week goes out once again to Kari Johnson, whom we previously wrote about in Random Fact #52. She writes "I was taking a little break at work, scanning Lesson XIII when my phone rang, and once I spotted my name I lost all ability to think." She continues to tell "Hey, Silver Side Up is #4 on our Twin Cities Top 20 albums charts this week! One step ahead of (shiver) Garth Brooks." Let the record show that the "(shiver)" comment was actually Kari's, not ours. Kari, thanks...and no word as of yet on the Rockline show. Until next time, this has been a Lesson From The Silver Side... new release Silver Side Up in stores now