Welcome to this week's session of "A LESSON FROM THE SILVER SIDE", a look at what is going on with Nickelback and their latest release Silver Side Up... First, where to see the band. In six days Nickelback embark on a Canadian tour with Default. Since their New Year's Eve show in Vancouver, for the most part the band has been relaxing at home...all except for Chad, who is in the studio producing the work of a band called Theory Of A Dead Man. Rehearsals for the upcoming Canadian trek start soon. Where else to see Nickelback...actually, it hasn't been all rest whilst at home. Over the past couple days, MTV has been shooting footage of the band around town for an upcoming issue of MTV Diary, which is scheduled to air on February 6th. More details to come on what footage has been shot for this feature. Speaking of MTV, they officially added the "Too Bad" video this past Monday (01/07). If your timing is off, you can check out the video whenever you like in our VIDEO section. Where else...Check out the new issue of Rolling Stone, the one with No Doubt on the cover - page 26 is home to a Q&A session with Chad Kroeger. Did You Know? there is a line in the interview where Chad says "...there was no Metallica song written to that day that I couldn't play." Cool, ya? It's true. Read the interview for more. And last, word has it that next Wednesday (01/16) USA Today will be running a feature news story on Nickelback in their LIFELINE section. Make sure to check it out. And now, the facts. This week's facts are as follows: Random Fact #68 - as always, the first fact shall be radio play. Did You Know? "How You Remind Me" currently has an estimated radio audience of over 126 million cats in the US. It's true. The song is still Top 5 on all rock radio formats, and still #1 at Top 40 Mainstream. "Too Bad"? Top 20 on all four rock charts and climbing. When will these two singles cross paths? Anyone taking bets? Random Fact #69 - just today, your's truly was outside with the Raynger on a side street next to the Roadrunner office. Your's truly was checking out this Asian female standing at the back of a UPS truck (yes, someone has a staring problem). She was holding a couple packages in her arms, trying to give them to the UPS cat rummaging around in the back of the truck. Well, as I went closer to get a better look (yes, someone has a staring problem), I heard a tune blaring out the back of the UPS truck. What was it? You guessed it, "How You Remind Me". It's true. Random Fact #70 - this next fact comes to us from a cat in Brazil named Luiza. Her email went as follows: "a) i love NB b) im not sure if this means anything to you all at RR and the lessons from the silver side but here's my 2 cents: NB is played on my sisters radio station, and by no means do we listen to nearly the same stuff. but i actually saw her bob her head in rhythm to "how you remind me". i think she likes NB, even if Britney Spears Jr. wont admit to it... sad, but true. c) my aunt likes NB, we were jamming in the car one day. she likes the older stuff, like "Breathe" and "Leader of Men". d) NB just rocks e) long live sepultura and soulfly" Thanks Luiza. Some very profound lines in there... Random Fact #71 - back when the "How You Remind Me" video first came out, we received a load of emails from guys asking the name of the chick in the video. Why? Perhaps name association for erotic fantasy? Hmmm? Well, this time around, with the "Too Bad" video starting to get play, we are now getting emails from chicks asking what the name of the guy in the video is. It's true. Why? You draw your own conclusion. Ladies, for the record, his name is Zion Lee. Random Fact #72 - I received an email from Kirsten in our UK office a few days ago. Name sound familiar, ya? Well, let's put an international spin on Nickelback. Her email was as follows: Guess what? I was driving to work today listening to Capital FM radio station (pop-oriented London based station, doesn't ever play RR music) and just after 9am, on came "How You Remind Me". I first thought I'd knocked the button on my car stereo to start the CD player and then realised it was on the radio! I was so excited I called up the office on my mobile and forgot to even say who I was, just shouted "Turn on Capital! Nickelback are playing!" The breakfast show has something like 3 million listeners! What followed the song? S Club 7, Sophie Ellis Bexter, and Madonna. Big selling company for Nickelback. Not only that, but another Capital FM DJ played it at lunchtime, due to the number of requests she'd had in for it that morning, and we've just heard it played again this afternoon.... Nickelback have also been invited to perform on a big TV show called Top Of The Pops when they are here in February. Fantastic! Perhaps I'll be listening to Capital a little more.." And of course, she ended her email with the line "Don't tell me I just wrote a Random Fact?!?" Kirsten, you did. Until next time, this has been a Lesson From The Silver Side... new release Silver Side Up in stores now