Welcome to this week's session of "A LESSON FROM THE SILVER SIDE", a look at what is going on with Nickelback and their latest release Silver Side Up... First, where to see the band. For all you hosers, it's officially touring season for Nickelback in Canada. Their 'grand' Canadian tour started last night (01/16) in Victoria, and an encore performance in the same city is going on tonight. Word has it this is a grand show you will be seeing. If any of you catch a show, please drop us a line and let us know all about it... Where else to see Nickelback...their spot on MTV's Diary is slotted to air on February 6th. A reminder will be posted here as the date nears... Where else...it has been confirmed that SPIN Magazine will be doing a special on Nickelback in their May issue, which hits the streets in early April. It will be more of a 'road' piece. More details to come as the date nears... Where else...ahhhh, HIGH TIMES Magazine. Check out the March issue (which streets in February) - the one with the 2 space age chicks on the cover holding a platter of bud. On page 38 you'll see an article titled "Canadian Kind" and a very shamming picture of Chad (note to Lisa H, you know what I mean now, ya?). Anyway, very cool article - the way Chad talks, it'll make you want to visit Vancouver. It's true. Where else...next Friday (01/25), tune into MTV at 5:00pm - Chad will be on "Bangin' The Charts". They shot him in Vancouver last week talking about Nickelback's latest single "TOO BAD". Word is it's "a great segment with him talking about the meaning of the song, when and why he wrote it...etc....." You get the picture. Where else? Check out a fantastic feature online at PlanetRock.com. Remember that acoustic show Nickelback did in Australia a bit back? Well, music and interview audio from the show is now being featured at www.PlanetRock.com.au (the '.au' is for Australia). Just follow the "FEATURES" section and look for the Nickelback pic. And now, the facts. This week's fact is as follows: Random Fact #73 - there is an weekly industry magazine called R&R. Ever hear of it? Basically, it caters to those who work in radio or work radio...ya, it's all about radio. Each issue has a feature called ON THE RECORD, wherein someone in the biz talks about what's working for them...what's good...bad...whatever - an insight piece if you will. Well, the ON THE RECORD feature in the January 11th issue of this publication proves very interesting. As written by Don Jantzen, Asst PD/MD for KQRC in Kansas City, we learn the following from the mind of Don: "The band that I'm passionate about at this time is Nickelback. Not because they are everywhere right now, but because they were good when they were nowhere. I'll never forget the first time my then-local Roadrunner rep, Rob Weldon, played "Leader Of Men" for me before they even had their deal. To see the development and growth between The State and Silver Side Up still amazes me. If you don't know what I mean, I'll try to help. Remember the first time you heard the full Guns N' Roses Appetite For Destruction? Any of those songs could've been singles - they all had potential. Silver Side Up is on the same track. Go through the record track by track. Most of the songs can go the distance not only as singles, but as great songs. Then they back it up onstage every single night. There are not many bands I'd be willing to fly the flag for, but with the growth they've already shown, it's only a matter of time until Nickelback move into the upper echelons of rock - and you can quote me on that!" Don, we just did. Nickelback Silver Side Up, Guns N' Roses Appetite For Destruction? Wow. Enough said. And because of that, this will be the only Random Fact this week. Don, your comparison just made Nickelback my favorite band. It's true. Until next time, this has been a Lesson From The Silver Side... new release Silver Side Up in stores now