Welcome to this week's session of "A LESSON FROM THE SILVER SIDE", a look at what is going on with Nickelback and their latest release Silver Side Up... First, where to see the band. Tis still touring season for Nickelback in Canada. Their 'grand' Canadian tour is in full swing (fan reviews to follow in the Random Fact section)... Where else to see Nickelback...ever hear of a show on MTV called "Bangin The Charts"? Well, there is a feature on the show called "Story Behind The Song", and word has it Nickelback will be the feature on this Friday's (01/25) and next Friday's (02/01) episode. Air time is 5:00pm, right after your favorite show TRL... Where else...ahhh, back to the porn. Grapevine, a feature in Playboy magazine, spotlights Nickelback in the February 2002 issue. Yes, Nickelback in Playboy... Where else...apparently on hockey rinks throughout Canada. Nickelback skated with members of the Vancouver Canucks this past Sunday, and just this morning (01/24) hit the ice with members of the Calgary Flames. It's true. And now, the facts. This week's facts are as follows: Random Fact #74 - yes, usually we start with radio play as the first random fact, but for the second week in a row we shall digress (there will be plenty of 2001 Nickelback radio achievements written next week). Instead, the first fact this week comes from King Diamond's homeland, Denmark (if you don't know who King Diamond is, go back to school and study Dutch like a real man). Nickelback has reached the number 1 position on the Danish Single Sales Charts, marking Nickelback's first #1 position in Europe. It's true. Random Fact #75 - has Nickelback become bad boys? According to Hofstra University, the answer is 'yes'...Nickelback has been naughty, naughty boys...Read the news story titled "Nickelback: The Banning At Hofstra University", which can be found at www.SonicMonk.com. Special thanks to Matt at SonicMonk.com for the scoop. Random Fact #76 - this next fact comes from our good friend Lisa in (don't mess with) Texas. What does she have to say this time? "the other day at the t-bar not only did they play Nickelback but 3 in a row...Woke-up,HYRM and Leader...I couldn't believe my ears..Also, they are playing Default twice a day..That should make Chad proud..His boys have arrived at the t-bar. It's almost as good as radio play..Everytime you hear that song it should remind you of the beautiful woman giving you a dance. Or do guys block all that out??" Thanks Lisa. As for 'blocking it out', not a chance. Guys will spend their whole lives trying to recreate the moment you just spoke of... Random Fact #77 - onto show reviews of the Canadian tour. This first one comes from Tim W., and it goes like this: "Hello, I just went to both Nickelback shows last week in Victoria BC, and I have to say that they were amazing. Those were Nickelback shows #5 and 6 for me, as they have been my favorite band for a couple of years. The new set looks great, with the pyrotechnics looking like they came straight out of an old Kiss concert." Yes, there was more in his message, but KISS? Very cool comparison. Thanks for the line Tim. Our second review comes from Ed S. of Salmon Arm, BC. He writes the following: "Hey guys, I just wanted to say that I saw the show in Kelowna on the 20th, and it was fuckin killer!! the pryos were amazing, sound was great, and the energy was out of this world...nickelback was amazing. Lots of bands talk about how they were fans of the music, and how they stood in line, etc., but these guys actually made me believe it. The acoustic encore leading into "remind" was a great bit, and the two new songs, "next contender" and "mistake" were album ready, if you ask me. The best part though??? this was the first time i've ever seen someone smash a guitar live. Chad, you are a god. Thanks, nickelback, for the return of the rock." Thanks for the line Ed. Respect The Rock. Random Fact #78 - well, since Nickelback is featured in Playboy, we'll share with you the following little piece...even though it has nothing to do with Nickelback. Ahhh, Playboy. A best friend's dad had a subscription whilst we were growing up. He had a big magazine rack right in front of the toilet, where if you were sitting down, the rack was facing you. At first glance the magazines seemed innocent enough, always a TIME or NEWSWEEK in front. However, pull that top mag back and there were more Playboys than you could shake a stick at...oh how they can mold an impressionable, young male mind. Thanks Mr. Rothman. And by the way, he still has the same set up in the bathroom to this day. It's true. Oh, and one last bit on this...Mr Rothman just happened to have gone to Hofstra, the same university where apparently Nickelback has been banned. It's true. Random Fact #79 - so, we're tinkering around with the idea of putting guitar tablature on our website. We have been checking out a couple sites to see how others do it. Check this out - at www.GuitarTabs.cc, Nickelback's "How You Remind Me" is the #1 most popular track...in front of "Stairway To Heaven" for crying out loud. It's true. Random Fact #80 - the last fact of the week has to do with the spirit of hockey...hockey and Nickelback. Remember how we said they skated with the New York Islanders? Well, tonight the almighty Pittsburgh Penguins are in town, and courtesy of the Isles' Dave Scatchard, a couple of us here will be attending the game. Thanks Dave...Thanks Nickelback. Until next time, this has been a Lesson From The Silver Side... new release Silver Side Up in stores now