Welcome to this week's session of "A LESSON FROM THE SILVER SIDE", a look at what is going on with Nickelback and their latest release Silver Side Up... First, where to see the band. Actually, did you see the MTV Diary of Nickelback last night (02/06)? It was pretty fuckin enjoyable, seriously. A note to our very own Elias Chios (the cat who was singing "How You Remind Me" in a special voice at the bar in the beginning), you did us proud, my man. Twas just as good as when you do it in the office. However, next time, let's see a little drive, let's see you get that snow plow. Where else to see Nickelback... We can tell you where you won't be seeing them for the next few days, that being on the road - their Canadian tour finished up earlier this week on Tuesday (02/05). Last night the band played MUCH MUSIC in Montreal, an interactive show of sorts. They played about eight songs and fielded questions from the crowd. The next couple days should prove to be well deserved off days, as come February 10th, the band heads to the UK for an upcoming 5 week long European tour. The first stop on the above mentioned tour will be a headline show, as part of the NME Awards processions. Nickelback will be preceded by Rival Schools, Backyard Babies, and The Parkinsons - now that is a show. February 12th. London, Astoria. Where else...apparently online at AOL Music. Word is that "Too Bad" goes into AOL high speed as their main video feature starting 02/08. And coming sometime in mid-February, there will be a "Day In The Life" photo book on the band. More details to come. Where else...apparently on the tube, VH1 to be exact. Word is that "How You Remind Me" is their #1 testing video, and the most played video on the channel. It's true. Where else...last, but not least, on NBC this upcoming weekend. Their Access Hollywood program will be airing the "Too Bad" video during its music section. When? The show airs at different time in various time zones on Saturday and Sunday (02/09, 02/10). In other words, check your local TV listings. And now, the facts. This week's facts are as follows: Random Fact #87 - the battle continues - "How You Remind Me" vs "Too Bad" on the radio charts. Last week we wrote that "Too Bad" passed "HYRM" on the Active Rock chart. This week "HYRM", weighing in at 3 minutes and 41 seconds, was surpassed on the Mainstream Rock charts - "Too Bad" is sitting at #5, and "HYRM" at #6. BUT, don't feel bad "HYRM", check out the next fact… random, random radio fact #2 - "How You Remind Me" made Nickelback the 1st Rock band to pass the 120 Million radio audience mark in a 7 day period (passing Santana w/ Rob Thomas - "Smooth") and one of only 7 bands to pass the 140 Million audience mark in a 7 day period, ever. It's true. Random Fact #88 - what do you know about legendary German metal act Die Toten Hosen? Learn this - according to the Metal/Hard Rock Genre In The German Media Control Chart as of 02/05, Die Toten Hosen is #1. By comparison, Nickelback is #6, Creed is #12, Bad Religion is #13, Linkin Park is #14, Kid Rock is #29, unt Rammstein is #73. DAMN, Die Toten Hosen. Iz good, ya? Random Fact #89 - Did You Know? No member of Nickelback sports any tattoos. It's true. Random Fact #90 - what do you know about the legendary movie Rainman? You know the one, Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise…well, here is a scene from the Nickelback version of Rainman…actually taken from an IM conversation someone here had with a friend earlier this week (the usernames have been changed): TacoBoy: did Jasmine tell you about the autistic kid she was sitting next to on the train? FaithNoMore: no TacoBoy: he was rocking back and forth saying "Nickelback is definitely #1 this week. Nickelback has been number 1 for three weeks in a row", over and over...and asking his Dad if Nickelback was going to be #1 again. FaithNoMore: seriously? TacoBoy: absolutely. i wouldn't joke about that. Somebody get me Steven Spielberg on the phone, let's put this on the big screen… Random Fact #91 - apparently Chad has taken a liking to bartending, as more times than not, he will hit a local bar after each show to tend bar. It's true. Keep your eye out. AND, word has it he will NOT charge you for the drinks. Random Fact #92 - Did You Know? No member of Nickelback sports any piercings. It's true. Random Fact #92 - Chad Kroeger on playing with Jerry Cantrell - "Playing an Alice In Chains song with Jerry Cantrell, that was the coolest thing in the world. Literally, you could not wipe the grin from my face." It's true. Until next time, this has been a Lesson From The Silver Side... new release Silver Side Up in stores now