Welcome to this week's session of "A LESSON FROM THE SILVER SIDE", a look at what is going on with Nickelback and their latest release Silver Side Up... First, as always, where to see the band. Earlier this week (02/12), for the first time ever, you could have seen them in London. Nickelback played their virgin show in the UK at the Astoria in London. If you are looking to catch a live show in the near future, better get to/be in Europe, as this Saturday (02/16) the band touches ground in the Netherlands, where they will embark on what will be a month long European tour. Where else to see Nickelback... If in the UK, you can catch them on your tele (that's television) - today (02/14) they are recording a live performance for UK's Top Of The Pops. What is Top Of The Pops? A weekly UK tv music show - filmed in front of a studio audience, features band videos, and has a few band performances. One might think of it as the UK version of the US's American Bandstand...only cooler. Where else... Would you happen to be an AOL Instant Messenger junkie? Well, take your time and smell the roses next time whilst logging onto the AOL IM beast - word has it that the video for "Too Bad" is on AOL's pop up Feature page. Currently it is situated underneath a quote from Sarah Michelle Gellar...mmm, mmmm. It's true. Where else... If thou art so inclined, one might check out www.NME.com for a couple words on Nickelback's recent debut UK show. And now, the facts. This week's facts are as follows: Random Fact #93 - the battle is almost complete - "How You Remind Me" vs "Too Bad" on the radio charts. Last week we wrote that "Too Bad" passed "HYRM" on the Mainstream Rock chart, and previously on the Active Rock chart. This week "Too Bad", weighing in at a stealth 3 minutes and 51 seconds, shot past "HYRM" on the Modern Rock chart - "Too Bad" now sitting at #9, and "HYRM" at #13. Only one last Rock chart for "Too Bad" to conquer - Heritage Rock. Yes, Heritage Rock, where Boston, REO Speedwagon, Journey, and Donnie Iris songs flow like re-runs of Saved By The Bell on WTBS, the SuperStation. ONCE AGAIN, don't feel bad "HYRM", check out the next fact… random, random radio fact #3 - In the history of tracking radio play, "How You Remind Me" ranks #7 all time for most number of consecutive weeks at #1 on the Monitor Rock - 13 weeks, tied with "Start Me Up" from The Rolling Stones. It's true. Random Fact #94 - How about this, The Nickelback Name Re-Enactment, Las Vegas Style. You all know how Nickelback got their name, correct? Canada, Starbucks, incessant giving of a 'nickel back' as change. Well, sweet Sidney from Las Vegas writes in with a little story regarding the above. Her words are as follows: I was in a convenience store yesterday, and as I sat there at my hopefully lucky video poker machine (only in Las Vegas), I over heard the clerk talking to a customer. The clerk was giving him his change and he said "and here's your nickel back". I thought to myself "you know, that is a pretty cool name, Nickelback". As for the poker machine, I won! Guess where I went with all my nickels? True story. As for where she went with the nickels, that is a story which, with any luck, will not be for public knowledge...Sidney, yes? please? Random Fact #95 - So, we spend a load of time talking about all the US radio feats achieved by "How You Remind Me", now lets broaden our horizons. The UK. This past week "HYRM" was played over 800 times on the UK airwaves, up from 446 plays the previous week. With these 800+ spins, the song reached an audience of over 31 million people. True, in the US it once had an audience of over 140 million, but considering there are only 60 million cats in the UK, that is more than ½ the population. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Random Fact #96 - Here's an interesting one - Silver Side Up dropped 2 spots on the US Soundscan Top 200 chart this past week, both spots lost because of new releases debuting in the top 3. Well, one of those spots was lost because of rocker Barry Manilow's Ultimate Manilow release, which entered the chart at #3. HEY, don't snicker...this is nothing to be ashamed about. This is the dude that sang "Copa Cabana", a song which is a virtual license to get laid. Hell, surely even Motley Crue looks up to Barry and the tales he can tell. It's gotta be true. Random Fact #97 - Nickelback's first UK show. Yes, we already mentioned it, but let's say it again, as this is a fact you can keep forever, a fact you can spit out at a party and perhaps attract a chick with...plus, it was a pretty cool frickin bill. when: February 12, 2002. where: Astoria in London. capacity: 2,000 cats (approx). opening acts: Rival Schools, Backyard Babies (premium Swedish rock), The Parkinsons. True, true, true, and true. Random Fact #98 - Nickelback is currently on a SOLD OUT tour of Europe. But, Did You Know? In most EVERY city where they are playing, the promoters have had to increase the size of the venues because the shows sold out so quickly. It's true. Next week, Random Fact #100. Which, barring an incredible porn story coming in, will be the legend of the 1st Nickelback radio interview... Until next time, this has been a Lesson From The Silver Side... new release Silver Side Up in stores now