This is a first here on the Roadrunner site - the following is taken from an email that was sent to Dislocated Styles' management yesterday (05/15). It was sent by someone named Sarah F, and is a letter that she sent to the management and DJs at KROQ in LA after she heard the song "Liquefied" on a different station whilst driving through Fresno. And it goes like this - Dear Everyone at KROQ (yes that means you- you do have to read this!!!!!!): Hi! I'm sending this to all of you because I am horrified to have heard a wonderful new song in FRESNO of all places and it is not even available on your own playlist yet! How could you be so dismally behind?! Aaargh! Anyway, KFRR, 104.1, an alternative rock station in Fresno, CA, has recently begun playing a rockin' song called "Liquefied" by a band called Dislocated Styles. Since KROQ does have some affiliation with this station (Kevin & Bean is fed through in the mornings), you should be able to pick up the CD from them. Also, it is miraculously available on Napster, but you'd better hurry if you want to download it because I'm sure the filters are at work even as I type this. The band has a website: I am not affiliated in any way with this group. It's just that my boyfriend and I were driving into Fresno (I used to live there- let's not talk about that) and heard this song for the first time and thought it was awesome! I went to the band's website to learn more about them since I'd never heard of Dislocated Styles, and was positively astonished to find that the list of stations playing their first single was ridiculously short- and you're not one of them! If KROQ is not playing this song within the next few days, I will personally make all your lives hell. Just kidding- that's not a threat- no, really, it's not- it was just a joke.... Thanks, Sarah F "WOW!" exclaims the LA Times, "A real page turner." "A MUST READ. The most revealing thriller of 2001," tells The Modesto Times. "John Grisham, watch out. Sarah is now on the racks," warns the NY Post! Not sure what we can add, except to say THANKS to Sarah - That is an incredible piece you wrote. As for the rest of you, what have you all been doing to help break a band? Together we can move mountains... If you have yet to hear the track "Liquefied", check it out HERE.