Remember when we said we'd post pictures on the site today from this past Sunday's Riverfront Rampage show? We lied... Not an intentional lie, but somehow the pics were not developed in time. So, soon... By the way, a message to Marlon S in San Diego - remember when we said we'd send you the Ill Nino disc for answering the Commando question correctly? We will...once the 09/18 release hits... Now, back to the final recap of the Riverfront Rampage which we have been writing about so much on this site lately, as written by Ill Nino and Killswitch Engage A&R Rep Mike Gitter. "A MUST READ!!!" screams The Times. "A real page turner, I didn't want it to end" tells The Hollywood Post "Oi-vay! If you can read only one piece this upcoming year, this is it! You know what I mean?" advocates the Jewish Jersey Sentinel "Move over Grisham, Gitter is now on the racks" warns The Herald and without further talk, here is Mike's take on this past Sunday's (08/19) Riverfront Rampage: Oh yes, God bless Newark, NJ where all things are - n't that beautiful. But, if the sight of Ill Nino drummer-turned concert stage manager, Dave Chavarri barking out orders like a camp counselor from hell isn't a wake-up, the sound of Roadrunner's latest and heaviest heroes Killswitch Engage is. Blasting through a quick set of material split evenly between their Ferret Records debut and their forethcoming Roadrunner opus (tentatively titled) Alive or Just Breathing, Killswitch staked their claim to the next generation of Roadrunner heaviosity. Vocalist Jesse Leach spit venom and aggression one minute and pure melody the next as drummer Adam, guitarist Joel and bass-man Mike hammered down riffs and grooves like a steely rain. A few bands later, Cleveland kill-team Chimaira hit stage and got one of the best reactions of the day as they blasted through songs from their forthcoming Pass Out Of Existence opus. Lead throat, Mark Hunter simply had the crowd and didn't let go til the bloody finish. With excellent preceding sets from Shadows Fall, Lamb of God and God Forbid to set the bar high, New Jersey's own Ill Nino stepped onstage, blasted into "If You Still Hate Me" and the show was theirs for the taking. And take they did. Song after song from Ill Nino's forthcoming Revolution...Revolucion set the violent soundtrack, punctuated by vocalist Cristian Machado's damning stage presence. Midway through the set, Chavarri kicked into a cover of Soulfly's "Eye for an Eye" (remember Dave used to have that job) and the thousand plus fans gathered infront of the outside stage went ballistic. Finishing up with a tear through of "Liar", Ill Nino simply reinfored the point. Their revolution is about to begin. Viva la Revolucion! And if that wasn't enough - and you were willing to stick it out, the Misfits closed the night with a romp through classics new and old. Sure, da fits looks a little different these days: their ever-turbulent line-up now completed by mainman Jerry Only on bass and vocals, old drummer Robo (remember form the "Earth AD" days) and ex-Black flagger Dez Cadena on guitar, you still can't resist the snarling charms of classics like set opener, "Hybrid Moments" or "Attitude". Then again, Misfits mach-whatever aren't afraid to take a nod to its current memebers past, belting their way through Black Flag classics like "Rise Above" or "Six PAck" with Dez handing vocals with bile, venom and plenty of spirit of 81 hardcore snarl. Then again, why not go deeper when 'fits pal, Marky Ramone hit stage to peel through a few faves from the gabba-gabba-heyday including "Beat On The Brat" and "Sheena is a Punk Rocker". With the Misfits ending the night in a squeal of feedback and the thunder of drums, so ended a day of noise, fury and metal - of all shapes and sizes. Thanks Mike!