Name ONE bad thing about Japan...go ahead...try...YOU CAN'T. It's impossible. That being said, MTV Japan started airing the debut video from Dirty Americans this week. In fact, it is already in medium rotation on the channel. What are they getting they we are not just yet? A fantastic video called "Strange Generation." And you can now check this piece out for yourself. Links to download QuickTime versions of this video are as follows: "Strange Generation" - LO (16.6 MB QT download) "Strange Generation" - MED (27.3 MB QT download) "Strange Generation" - HI (35.9 MB QT download - WELL worth the download time) Everyone who sees it loves it. note: we HIGHLY recommend the largest file size. In other Dirty Americans news, their Strange Generation debut hits streets in Europe (and JAPAN) on March 15th. For us suckas here in the US, we are gonna have to wait. HOWEVER, we can see them live. Dirty Americans have confirmed the following show: March 27, 2004 - Headliners - Toledo, OH All Ages Doors 8pm Tickets $6 over 21, $7 under 21 other bands: Mad Mordigan, Left Side Right