Less than 24 hours ago, a message board was put up on 36 Crazyfists' website. Within that time, there were 44 posts put up by 2 members of the band, drummer Thomas Noonan and vocalist Brock Lindow. Tell you what, nothing brings a smile to the face so much as seeing bands interacting with the fans. Currently, the band is at home in Alaska whilst their debut release Bitterness The Star is being mixed. Drop them a line, tell em what you think, see what else is going on...hell, perhaps you will even learn fishing life in Alaska??? (don't mind the person who is writing this...) For those of you who are not yet familiar with 36 CF, be sure to educate yourself by reading up on them on their ARTIST PAGE here on the site (hint: a couple great demos of the band can be found there). For your connection to the band, check out the board at www.36Crazyfists.com. (keep an eye out for Roadrunner acts to start hitting to Roadrunner board in the near future...)