Take a look outside - the weather has been/is getting awfully nasty. You got hurricanes everywhere you look, or sunshine out west (which is worse?). Mother Nature is telling us all something, foreshadowing the releases we have coming your way this 4th quarter (or trying to stop them, anyways). Today marked the release of Cradle Of Filth's Nymphetamine. Perhaps the first single from this title - "Gilded Cunt" - is indeed directed towards Ms. Nature herself. Catch CoF headlining the MTV2 Headbangers Ball Tour starting November 4th. Speaking of which, also hitting the streets today, the MTV2 Headbangers Ball Vol. 2 CD compilation. 2 CDs, 40 Tracks, One Low Price. The best metal and hard rock songs of today. Mainstream, up-and-coming, underground - whatever your poison, it's on this release. AND THEN...the rest of the quarter is shaping up as follows: October 5th Nightwish Once - The worldwide phenomenon releases their #1 selling record to the US with 2 bonus tracks plus a video Fear Factory Soul Of A New Machine / Fear Is The Mindkiller (reissue) - enough said (catch FF on tour with Lamb Of God this fall) Cynic Focus (reissue) - remastered out-of-print progressive-metal classic (YES, your emails to us DO get read) October 19th 3 Inches Of Blood Advance And Vanquish - "Enemies Of Metal, your death is what we want..." October 26th Chimaira The Dehumanizing Process DVD/EP - Chimaira's first DVD. An actual 90 minute documentary on the band with bonus EP of their first release, This Present Darkness, with bonus tracks. Truly a special piece. November 9th Ill Nino Live From The Eye Of The Storm DVD - Live DVD recorded while on tour this year with Godsmack.