To ring in the lovely Summer month of July, Downer played at 104.7's annual Edgefest show...this one being #7, held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As Downer vocalist John Scott tells, "Downer was in rare form on July 1st, 2001..." But of course! "...even in 110 degree weather, (Downer) busted out their trademark suits and went off the hook. Jumping all over the stage with no regard for exhaustion and heat stroke." What a day...What a day... You can check out John's magical words for yourself (yes, he does have a way with words) as he reviews the show, band by band. All can be found on their website - (see NEWS section...make sure to read some past stories, also written in John's poetic sense). You can also check out their self titled Roadrunner debut - Downer Downer is in stores NOW! (released April 24, 2001)