As you should know by now, Dry Kill Logic is currently on the road with Primer 55. So, what are the latest happenings? Vodka swilling, stage diving, and even a dry socket to the gums...The following is from bassist Dave, hitting us up with 'the word': What's up, it is Dave again - 10/04 in Green Bay, WI at Ryan's Ballroom - it was crazy to see many familiar faces again. Our band had to leave early to fix the R.V. (again), so Cliff and I stayed with P-55 and sang "Set It Off" with them. The next morning we all met up with the band at Delwin's Ballroom (10/05) in St. Joseph, MN. On Phil's birthday we found out he had to go to the hospital and have a tooth removed. He could not play the show, he was in severe blinding pain, and on a lot of medication that he was out of it. Even if he was not on medication, it is very dangerous to get a dry socket in your gums while on tour. So our friend Preston from Primer 55 said he would fill in. He learned 4 of our songs that day and we still played. It was pretty cool. We all had fun and he was awesome. The crowd loved the fact that he was able to fill in and allow us to still play. Phil was dragged out on stage and we gave him a big birthday cheer. Thanx again Preston. Later during P-55's set we all went out and sang "Set It Off", and I jumped on the speakers on toasted the crowed with a bottle of vodka. During American Head Charge's set we went out and sang with them, and then with the same bottle I poured vodka down the throats of several members. The next day at the Quest (10/06) in MN was packed. More fans from the last show came out again. We all can not thank you enough for that. Everyone there was crazy. The show ended with 40 Below Summer and Dry Kill singing with A.H.C.  This is yet another night that p-55 has played with Bobby having a cast on his Knee. That crazy mother fucker will not cancel a show no matter how much pain he is in, he is a real trooper. The Taproom (10/07) is the first place that we have played twice since we have been on tour. And again we thank the fans who made it to all three shows. Tonight was the last night that Smiling Budah Productions, the best security staff I have ever seen. I have been to many concerts where they do not like the music and beat up fans, but these guys were awesome, thanx again. A really awesome band called 2 Ton Crutch played. Tonight was A.H.C.'s last night, and we wanted to send them off well. All the bands were on stage for there last song. We were all stage diving and Justin, the keyboardist and I were tackling each other while we played, we all had a blast. We will talk again real soon,      Thanx - Dave   D.K.L. Thank YOU Dave... The Darker Side Of Nonsense in stores now Search TOUR section for dates