Currently finishing up a tour supporting Motley Crue and Joe Perry in Canada, Aussie rockers Airbourne are currently gracing the cover of Montreal English weekly magazine Hour.

Writes the magazine, "Imagine, if you will, the hallways and dressing rooms backstage, throbbing with big-breasted blondes with orange tans and bad tattoos. Mötley Crüe top this bill, then Aerosmith 1970s guitar god Joe Perry, and then there are our boys in Airbourne, the balls-to-the-wall thunder from Down Under."

The magazine continues to set the stage for the party-hearty quartet on this massive tour, writing, "This tour has all the makings of an out-of-control rock'n'roll circus. All you have to do is read the scummiest, nastiest, dirtiest rock bio ever written, the Crüe's 2001 New York Times best-seller The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band, to wonder if their handlers will be able to keep them out of trouble on this tour. And Joe Perry - currently feuding in the press with (former?) Aerosmith frontman Steve Tyler, now in rehab to beat a painkiller addiction - used to be known, along with Tyler, as the notorious Toxic Twins."

Posing the question on everyone's mind, Hour inquires, "So what's it like opening for these legendary rockers and legendary drug addicts? Have the Crüe and Perry passed on the party animal torch to Airbourne?

"I dunno, mate!" laughs Joel O'Keeffe, lead vocalist and lead guitarist for Airbourne, right now the most fun, most hard-rocking boogie band on Earth. "[But] everywhere you go, once again, anything goes!""

Read more about Airbourne's trek in Hour, look out for the band's sophomore record No Guts. No Glory. out April 20th and give the lead single  "No Way But the Hard Way" a listen right here: