Joel and Ryan O'Keeffe of Airbourne were interviewed by their French fan club about their forthcoming album Black Dog Barking, which will be available everywhere May 21 (pre-order your copy now)! The questions are all in French, but the guys talk about:

- the meaning of the album's title, and its cover art;
- how they stripped the album down to just the 10 best songs, and how each song earned its spot;
- the similarities between Black Dog Barking and its two predecessors, Runnin' Wild and No Guts. No Glory.;
- the story behind the songs "Animalize" and "Cradle to the Grave";
- how the production on the new album differs from their previous work;
- how they're always trying to make the band bigger, and visit places they've never been;
- the creative pressures of the recording sessions
- re-recording "Ready to Rock," from their self-released debut EP, and much more.

Watch now!