So, what are you up to this Friday (10/26)? Well, if you are in the Tempe, AZ area, cancel ALL engagements, Neil Hamburger is in town... (by the way, if anyone can email us and tell where that above line is from, you will be sent something special in the mail - update: we actually have a winner, so no more emails on this please...) So, you remember us telling you that Dry Kill Logic and Ill Nino would be doing a couple 'one-off' dates from The Oracle Tour with Kittie? Of course ya do... Well, another has just been booked. It is as follows: 10/26/2001 - The Big Fish Pub - Tempe, AZ note - Dry Kill Logic headlines. Ill Nino also appear, and Mind War Symphony open the night's festivities. more of these 'one-off' specials to come throughout the tour? Most likely, so keep checking back. For a comprehensive list of Oracle Tour dates, as well as info on what to expect from Dry Kill Logic and Ill Nino live, check out THIS.