A FEAR FACTORY DIGIMORTAL MINI-SERIES is upon us. I just finished checking out the final product, fantastic! Every Monday in March, we will be showing a Fear Factory mini-series based on the making of DIGIMORTAL. Four episodes in total. The first will be up on our site here on March 5th. It details the recording of the new album which is due out April 24th. The second installment, which will be up March 12th, details the story behind the theme of DIGIMORTAL. Third installment, premiering March 19th, is all about the history of Fear Factory - how the band started, how all the members met. The final series, on our site starting March 26th, is about all the members of the band. Each person talks about one another. These four episodes range between 4 to 7 minutes in length and feature studio footage and constant interviews with all band members. Remember, starting Monday, March 5th, the FEAR FACTORY DIGIMORTAL MINI-SERIES is here. you have been warned...phase II is upon us...resistance is futile... hey, and the answers to ASK FEAR FACTORY that you sent in will be up shortly, I promise!