So, we're six days into the Roadrunner Road Rage Tour, featuring Fear Factory, Machine Head, Chimaira and Ill Nino. Tonight (09/26) is an off night, for tomorrow (09/27) will find the bands at The Times Theatre in Rockford, IL. Yesterday we got an email from one of our Road Crew members, a cat named Ray Cendejas, one of Ro's "top Chicago kids". He wrote the following about the 09/24 Road Rage show in Chicago: Man,,,,,i dont even know what to say,,,just flat out fuckin nuts,,,,,, MACHINE HEAD + CHICAGO FUCKIN LUNATICS = THE BIGGEST CIRCLE PIT YOU EVER SEEN!! I totally wore myself out during chimaira,,plus busted my lip and took a elbow to the jaw,,so i had to chill,,and watch the mayhem from above. So i grabbed a seat with jim (chimaira),,and christian n roger (ill nino),,and we just stared in awe man.....the floor was nuts,,,but ill tell you more of that in my show report. ahhhh Shim Sham! Thanks for the 'word' Ray... Only 17 Road Rage dates left...see TOUR section for full details. The Roadrunner Road Rage Tour is brought to you by the cool cats at Guitar World and REVOLVER magazines