The 2010 Download Festival took place this past weekend at Donington Park in Derby, UK and if the mass amount of accolades pouring in from the frontlines are any indication, the fest was nothing short of amazing!

During the 3-day long camp-out, was on hand to talk to Roadrunner artists Killswitch Engage, Stone Sour and Megadeth.

When asked how they ended up replacing Wolfmother at the last minute, Killswitch bassist Mike D'Antonio tells the online publication, "We already had a European tour planned a week and a half from now, so we weighed up the options and AC/DC how can you say no to a show like that?! It’s amazing and it’s not very often a band of our level gets to play with a band of THAT level, you know? So, it’s pretty exciting!"

With Megadeth being one of the big ticket artists on the bill, guitarist Chris Broderick confides to AltSounds, "We’ve been doing the Rust In Peace 20th Anniversary reunion tour with David Ellefson, he came back in the band, and we’ve been tearing it up with that; tonight, I’m not positive on this, but we discussed on doing an abbreviated version of that with hits."

 As for Stone Sour, bassist Shawn Economaki recalls his first time at Download as being, "Scary and exhilarating all at the same time. Especially having seen Slipknot play here, it’s just great to be a part of it." And when asked about the upcoming album Audio Secrecy, Economaki says, "I know it’s only our third album but the musicianship, the level of writing, the level of performance everyone brought to the part is better than ever before."

Read the full interviews from all three guys right here, and check back for more from Roadrunner at Download Fest 2010 coming soon.

Watch Killswitch Engage's claymation video for "Save Me," Megadeth's latest video for "The Right to Go Insane" featuring Dave Mustaine decimating LA in an army tank, and listen to the first track off Stone Sour's upcoming album Audio Secrecy below.