The Amity Affliction's new album Chasing Ghosts is available everywhere today, and frontman Joel Birch recently answered questions submitted by Australian fans. You can hear his answers in the video above.

The questions were:

John Y, Western Australia: 'Before your band got a record deal, were there any times where you thought you would never make it and we should just quit?'
Morgan T, Victoria: 'What is it like being a hardcore band at number one on the ARIA charts?'
Jamie G, Queensland: 'What is your favorite song to play live?'
Shaun C, Victoria: 'Do you actually believe in ghosts and has anything unexplained happened to you personally?'
Connor D, New South Wales: 'Why did you decide to call your band 'The Amity Affliction'?
Tanaya F, Western Australia: 'What is the meaning behind the new album cover?'
Blake K, Queensland: 'If you could tour with any other band in the world who would it be and why?'
Riley C, New South Wales: 'Who has the most random tattoo?'
Peter W, Queensland: 'You mention ships, sailing and anchors etc a lot in your lyrics, do you feel some sort of connection with the ocean?'
Amanda G, New South Wales: 'What music is playing on YOUR iPod?'

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