Joel Birch, frontman of The Amity Affliction, was recently interviewed by while the band was on tour in Portland, Oregon. He talks about his impressions of America, his plans (or lack thereof) for breaking the band here, and much more.

Says Joel, "America as a whole is really beautiful. As far as people go, New York is really interesting - being able to watch people and hang out. Apart from that shit desert drive in Texas and Cali, it's pretty awesome."

The band's latest album, Chasing Ghosts, went to #1 in their native Australia. They're not quite that big here, yet. But as far as raising their American profile goes, Joel's not all that concerned; he says, "I don't really have a goal for over here. I'm just stoked to be able to travel around see the world for free, it's a pretty great life."

He reveals that Amity will be returning to the States in 2013, but says their plans are "loose at the moment, but it'll finally be nice to tour here and not need a fucking jacket, I hate the cold."

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