Download Festival, the biggest UK fest of the year, happened this weekend and Roadrunner was out in full force. Representing the label were: 3 Inches Of Blood, Chimaira, Killswitch Engage, Slipknot, Still Remains, Dresden Dolls, Trivium, and Wednesday 13 We've added a Killswitch Engage live photo gallery, as well as a few photos of 3 Inches of Blood goofing around backstage. Speaking of 3 Inches of Blood goofing around backstage, the good people at 4Q radio made the mistake of giving Shane the mic to interview his bandmates. Hilarity insues. Check it out by clicking here Off stage, 3 Inches of Blood like to joke around and have a good time, but when it comes time to get on stage, the band is all business. Kerrang! gave the band 5K's for their live performance.