Into the world of Ro's (Road Crew leader) day today: 1 - "gonna hit up TODAY NEW YORK on NBC early AM" Ever watch Today NY in the mornings? Well, get your ass out of bed a little bit earlier tomorrow (08/28) morning and tune into NBC. You just may see Ro and some Road Crew cats in orange jumpsuits doing some deeds... 2 - "Roadrunner cloths the homeless" Ro and his cohorts will then seek out the homeless population in NYC, giving them used Slipknot shirts which were taken from displays. Perhaps you will see this motley crew of Slipknot clothed persons displayed outside the Dave Letterman Show??? hmmm??? hmmm??? 3 - TRL??? True, as Ro tells, we're "gonna go out there and be a bunch of freaks in jumpsuits, disrupt the shit. If you wanna come out and join us, please do. Just wear an orange shirt." IOWA in stores NOW -