And on the eighth day, Fear Factory's debut dvd Digital Connectivity was released (yes, tis in stores now). If you are a Fear Factory fan, this is for you - it is a great fan piece. You will be walked through the life of Fear Factory from day 1 (playing backyard parties), to present. A great line about this piece comes from the man behind The Production Gospel According To Dave, the man who headed this project - "some sound quality from the early live shows is questionable. Some footage was from a fan taping in front of the stage. You get the real sound, it wasn't messed with...almost like an official bootleg." Yes, now that's real. And now, we conclude this countdown with the 8th rare Fear Factory audio track on this dvd release - "Transgenic". This piece is a remix by Technohead, actually what you call a 'Gabber-style' remix. It is based off the song "New Breed", which previously appeared both on the "Burn" European single and as a bonus track on the Japanese version of Remanufacture (Cloning Technology). It also appeared on the European 12" single "The Gabber Mixes," where it was re-titled "New Breed (Steel Gun Mix)". Today's final Fear Factory MP3 can be found in our MUSIC section. Fear Factory's debut dvd Digital Connectivity can be found in the shelves of your local music store